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So, what can you possibly want to know about me that isn't already in the blog? The quick run-down of me is that my name is Fiona, I'm Scottish, I used to live in England, I now live in Berlin in Germany, though in a very short while we will be moving back to England. I have a lovely boyfriend who probably doesn't realise how much he appears in this blog, and together we have 2 children with whom we have lots of fun. 

You can read interviews with me on 'Letters from Frau Dietz' and 'Expat Mummy in Berlin'. That's about it really. Oh, apart from this....

I've been asked to respond to 11 questions by another blogger as part of one of these meme things. If you don't already feel saturated by information about me, you will in a minute: (and if you want to ask me any interesting questions, leave them in the comments below).

1. How would you describe yourself with exactly six words?

Right now?: Happy, weary, hungry, clothed, warm, child-slave.

2. What’s a great book you can recommend for my next vacation read?

I am currently wading though 'The Penguin Complete Novels of Nancy Mitford': I was suckered in by it's pretty cover and now I am committed to the end. But it's not exactly 'holiday-friendly'. In fact it'll probably drag you over your luggage allowance, so instead I shall recommend 'Memoirs of an Imaginary Friend' by Matthew Green, which is a little bit like 'The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night Time' by Mark Haddon. Certainly if you liked that, you'll prefer this to Mark Haddon's latest 'The Red House' which is ok, but not as good. 

3. What are the top two countries you want to see that you’ve not yet visited?

1. Iceland. I've wanted to go there for years and years, so long in fact that I think I might initially have been inspired by Bjork.

2. Poland. I'm not desperate to visit Poland, but it seems ridiculous not to do it soon while we are in fact living so close to it. Considering there are Berliner's who go there just for petrol...

4. Do you collect anything (what)? If not, is there something you’ve thought about collecting?

Not so much nowadays. I like books, but buy less now than I used to. I used to collect all sorts of things, 60's coffee pot sets, shoes, um...stickers. 

5. If you could name a lipstick color, what would it be? 

Cremola Foam - It'd be pink and retro. And possibly fizz on your lips, and contain just as many unnatural ingredients.

6. What outdoor activity do you most enjoy?

Drinking on balconies.

7. Which non-profit organization do you (or would you like to) passionately support?

Diabetes UK (possibly not passionately though)

8. Which household chore do you most loath?

Aside from 'most': Hanging out wet washing. I don't like how it feels in my hands. And it bores me.

9. What’s the earliest “appropriate” time of day to have a glass of wine?

I'm not really that kind of drinker. Alcohol during the day makes me sleepy, and stops me from hanging out the washing.

10. If you could have one of the following personal service providers come to your home free for a year, which would you most want to have?
a)      house-cleaner
b)      a meal planner/cook
c)       a personal trainer/fitness instructor
d)      a masseuse
e)      a nanny

It seems desperately unfair to only be able to choose one. I'd quite like someone who did all of that, what would you call them? A slave? If I have to choose it would be between the cleaner (who would have to come daily or live-in) or the cook. That would be nice. I can probably live without the nanny now. 

11. What’s the oddest thing anyone ever asked you?

A customer walks into Oddbins where I was working and handed me a video saying "I'd really like you to watch this. Maybe you'd like to join our cult?"

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