something to do in Berlin

The Brandenburg Gate during the Festival of Lights.

Visiting Berlin? There's simply tons to see, do, explore. Here are some of the posts about things we've done....

Knopf Paul - Kreuzberg's amazing button store

Filmpark Babelsberg - Outside Potsdam admittedly, but if you are a fan of the German film industry....

Tempelhof Airport (Tempelhofer Feld) - Flying kites amongst other things

The Botanic Gardens - Even enjoyable with kids!

The American School Bus - the place to go for hotdogs and frozen yoghurt

Tierpark Berlin - Berlin's *other* zoo!

The Chocolate Afternoon - visit Fassbender & Rausch & the Ritter Sport shop

Berlin's Tiergarten - Perfect for picnics and general wandering

Garten der Welt - Way out in Marzahn, but worth a visit for some great themed gardens & the architecture on the way there.

Touching Nemo's cousins - visiting Berlin Zoo Aquarium

Endless Adventures in Groupon: The dark restaurant - Me & my friend Sarah FINALLY go to Unsicht bar, the dark restaurant and have a great experience!

Recommendations for those with a fear of loneliness - The one where I visit the Checkpoint Charlie Museum, and Stadtbad Schoeneberg on possibly the busiest days of the year.

Adventures in Groupon: The Panoramapunkt, Kollhof Tower, Potsdamer Platz - seeing the sights of Berlin by way of Europe's fastest elevator.

Further adventures in Groupon: the hot air balloon - taking my camera on a little trip up in the Die Welt hot air balloon.

For the love of asparagus - slightly outside Berlin, in Klaistow, it's an asparagus farm with a snappy name.

Deep end boys and west end girls - Stadtbad Schoeneberg. My *favourite* pool!

227 days to go! - Visit Berlin's Christmas shop on the warmest day of the year.

Lego: That's what little boys are made of - visit the Legoland Discovery Centre (1000 times a year)

Cheep, cheep! But not so cheep for the over 3's - MACHMit Kinder Museum: it has an awfully good climbing thingy.

Walking, running, & skipping with dinosaurs - Germendorf Freizeit & Tierpark: admittedly slightly outside Berlin.

Choo, choo, choo, there's even a tiny little conga at Loxx Miniatur Railway - Loxx Miniatur Welten: nb. look out for ticket deals on Groupon.

1000 steps round.... Berlin Zoo - Berlin Zoo: brilliant. End of story.

1000 steps round.... the KaDeWe! - Berlin's equivalent of Harrods: great window displays, awesome food dept.

1000 steps from... kita - visit Tauentzienstrasse, the Ku'damm, and see some sights in the west!

Urban eyesores and satellite dish art - Fancy some urban art? Check out Pallasstrasse and all it's glory along with a giant war bunker.

A day out in Britzer Garten - a brilliant park for adults and kids alike - even has a wee train

Waking the dead - Schloss Charlottenburg & grounds: very pretty (there's also a great Christmas market there in November & December).

Is that a Snickers zipping past? No, it's a Marathon! - See the Berlin Marathon & Rollerblading Marathon (both in September)

Sunday Karaoke in Mauerpark - a must-see and there's a market and you can have a barbeque and see the Wall too.

Love me, love my dog - visit a flea market and pick up something (debatably) beautiful.

The hippie Carnival of Cultures & the Jewish Museum - not all rolled into one. Daniel Libeskind's architecture is amazing.

Part 2- Paradise: not to be confused with utopia or Tropical Islands - Tropical Islands, an indoor oasis. "sunshine indoors!"

Who am I? Where am I going? What am I doing here? - Go to the top of the Fernsehturm (TV tower)

I predict a riot - It's not May Day if there's not a riot, except before evening falls it's fun for all the family in Kreuzberg

Sew... a needle pulling thread - visit a sewing cafe or some of the beautiful fabric shops.

Falling in (camera) love all over again - see the sights from a different angle. or lens. whatever. just take your camera.

DSD (Do Something Different) The Harlem Globetrotters - Of all one million things we could go and see in a big city, we chose the Disney-fied version of basketball. It was awesome. Really.

DSD (Do Something Different) The Night (Afternoon) of the Jumps - Uh-huh. These things must be seen at least once in your life.

The Mysterious Fasching Carnival - or Karneval, or Fasching, or get hit in the eye with a boiled sweet day. Take an upturned umbrella, sharp elbows, a carrier bag and enjoy.

Cold, sunshiney days - visit Prenzlauerberg, renowned home of the yummy mummy.

To see oursels as ithers see us - Visit the food dept in the KaDeWe and laugh at the stereotypes.

On your marks for the Christmas sales - visit a Christmas market or 10.

Not suitable for those with heart problems -Visit a potato festival. Or any other festival-type thing that seems to have lingered on from the DDR days.

Yee-ha! At the American Festival - yup, it's another one. This time with horses.

An hour in the company of feral children - visit the annual sandcastle competition and the East Side Gallery.

Out and about in the DDR - Visit the quite small but brilliant DDR museum

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