sometime between one & 365
  1. improve my cooking skills
  2. learn to properly use my camera
  3. enrol on an evening course for something creative (in German)
  4. take my sewing machine OUT OF THE BOX and learn to use it
  5. make cushions for the living room
  6. sort out my horrible hair
  7. read more books
  8. get to at least B2 level in German
  9. set up an etsy shop
  10. travel round Germany - Regensburg, Bamburg, Augsburg
  11. see at least 4 other German cities - Hamburg, Munich,
  12. earn some money from illustration - take part in Kunst Supermarkt 2011
  13. start a 365 photo/sketch blog
  14. do something different - The Night of the Jumps - The Harlem Globetrotters
  15. make a concerted effort to do more artwork
  16. paint Orla's dolls house in pretty colours
  17. hang pictures on the living room walls
  18. get a lovely photo taken of the kids
  19. make that Cath Kidston handbag!
  20. get round the Berlin museums and galleries - the Kennedy Museum, the Bauhaus Archiv, the Jewish Museum,
  21. make some kids duvet covers and pillowcases
  22. get more organised - cupboards, toys, clothes, etc
  23. sell things on German eBay, starting with the highchair!
  24. have just a little bit of a nice bright colour in my hair
  25. find a good babysitter & have a night out with JUST Stevie
  26. do more creative things with the kids
  27. have my nails done
  28. do more cooking/baking with the kids
  29. look after a plant & not kill it
  30. to read the rest some (I've read 38 so far) of the '100 book challenge' listed on Facebook. I can't read 62 (when it includes War & Peace) in a year.
  31. cycle more after winter, to the point I consider 1 of those trailers for the kids
  32. read a novel in German
  33. be continued....

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