Tuesday, 4 October 2011


This month we're reading....literally. At the weekend Orla read her first words. We'd been talking about phonics at school and then she picked up a copy of Living etc and started sounding out some of the words on the cover. And it all started with the 'for' in 'Go for bold'. Talk about thrilled? I was over the moon!

Man, I was sure she was going to be a 'heat' reader as well. But I guess we'll start on the Miss Gray's Interiors Reading Programme for Young Ladies. Once we've mastered 'Living etc/Elle Decoration', we'll take it to the stage two, 'World of Interiors/Wallpaper', and finally ramp it up with intensive study of 'Architectural Digest'.

As for the photo above, this is Orla just home from school, having discarded her uniform and clutching September's Living etc which she took to school with her in her bag to demonstrate to her teacher. I had to put a hand to my eyes when she told me that she'd told her teacher that I was 'so proud of her for reading my magazine'*, but hey, she still deserves the piece of celebratory cake.

*Note to self: must remember to leave some James Joyce/ Goethe/ etc lying around for the kids to pick up.


  1. adorable picture! and congrats to orla. :)

  2. So brilliant, good work Orla. And yes, awesome photo. Like the new snazzy blog as well - was that Orla putting her new design knowledge into practice?

  3. Alas no. I had been thinking I wanted to change the appearance of it, but once I started it all ended up going horribly wrong. I couldn't get my archive and links to show and now I've got a template I just don't really like. I might have to draw something myself. And frankly, I can't be bothered.


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