Tuesday, 3 January 2012

New Years *Intentions*

Apparently only 12% of all resolutions made are achieved. That's not that hard to believe really. The top 5 resolutions year on year seem to be 1. Lose weight; 2. Save money; 3. Fall in love/get married; 4. Read more books; 5. Keep an notepad of awesome moments. Most people, well, Americans - they were the ones who were surveyed, but I'm going with it, give up after the first 2 months.  I've read this year that some people are making lists of  'New Years Intentions': a thoroughly modern idea for the commitment-phobic amongst us. And perfect for those who can't deal with failure.

My own list of failures featured on my last blog post is likely to roll over into 2012. Apparently this is NOT good working practice. You are meant to scrap anything that you didn't achieve, and start afresh. Though re-phrasing seems to be allowed. So, if for example you failed to shift that 30lbs last year, this year you could say that you "intend to eat healthier/take more exercise" - see that "intend" in there? I am so very modern in my commitment-phobic-realistic-goal setting.

I haven't really got any strong feelings for resolutions-slash-intentions for 2012. Instead Stevie has been making some for me. Aside from that I have had a few thoughts that may end up being resolutions.

1. Lose 5kg. This is Stevie's 'Happy New Year. Here's a resolution for you' idea. I would like to lose some weight and he has said that if I do it he will buy me an iPad. (We do love incentive schemes in our house!) As yet we haven't negotiated on the memory it'll come with, I feel there's plenty of time for that, dear reader, oh yes. It seems that 'thinking thin', my previous strategy lacks any kind of proof that it works. So I may actually have to do something *shudder* to make this happen. I hate to say it, but I have my fingers crossed for a really bad stomach bug....

2. Blog less, do more. It would be nice, wouldn't it? I noticed when I was in Scotland over Christmas that I didn't miss it, and didn't feel like I had anything that I was bursting to blog about. In fact, I quite revelled in the additional time I had when I wasn't stuck to a computer. Though now that I've typed that I realise that if I gained an iPad (see resolution no.1) then my online time is likely to surge, not decrease. Ah well, I can't succeed at everything. But in fact, the thing which led me to this idea was that Stevie keeps talking about how we will potentially be moving back to Derby in May. Yes, I know, it's making me panic too. But while I was lying awake in bed worrying about that prospect, I also thought that if that happens I will stop blogging. When I announced this to Stevie he seemed to think I was just full of the 1st of January blues. But the truth is if we were to go back, I am not sure beyond the initial horror of repatriation shock and settling back in, that I would have anything to blog about. You know? Obviously though I would pick it back up again when we realised we hated being back (despite the wondrous supermarkets, M&S, year-round sales, English speaking people, tv on tap, etc, etc) and move to Canada.

3. De-clutter. Last year I wanted to get rid of all the remaining baby stuff. I think my plan was to start using German eBay and the first thing I wanted to sell was the highchair. This year I am totally vowing to sell the highchair. As handy as it is for holding coats in Hamish's little bedroom, it's got to go. It may also be a fond farewell to my Phil & Ted's, two cotbeds, and a whole lot of toys that are too young for both of them. The toys drive me to distraction. every time I embark on a clear-out, O & H decide to start playing with the stuff again. It will have to be done in the dead of night. Oh and here's another one: I vow not to feel even the tiniest pang of guilt this year when I hoover up every last Playmobil flower that I come across. Seriously, do they make those just to drive mothers mental?

And that's about it. Doesn't sound too unattainable, does it? What are your goals for 2012?


  1. I didn't set any goals this year. I just have semi-secret wishes ((semi-secret because my 16yo invited me to blurt them out after half a bottle of prosecco on Hogmanay) (not completely known because who was actually listening anyway?).
    They include: being healthy, winning the lottery (properly winning, not just enough Euros to buy a takeaway pizza) and finding more time to write.

    I should probably take a leaf out of your book, and go for the 'de-clutter'...

  2. As regards the de-clutter, I am off to a great start! I have managed to give away children's books, clothes, some jigsaws, and some toys, and possibly have a buyer for my Phil&Ted's. AND, I am just about to get the hoover on, so it's goodbye fiddly Playmobil flowers (and possibly Polly Pocket shoes).

    As for the other two resolutions, far less progress has been made... sigh.

  3. Love the idea of New Years 'Intentions' as opposed to 'Resolutions.' Considering most people can barely commit to ordering a sandwich or buying a pair of socks, I think it's much more our speed these days. I'll just go ahead and give myself a pat on the back for saying I'd like to do something, rather than actually doing it. :) Done and done.

  4. Love that each new goal seems to contradict the effectiveness of the last. I guess that's a bit of life though, isn't it? Best of luck to us all in 2012

  5. I *intend* to do all of what you're doing, although I don't have too much de-cluttering to do, just emptying all the drawers that I stuff everything on the floor into when I'm "tidying" into the bin. Though I can't imagine I'll get round to that till 2013.


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