Friday, 24 February 2012

Pirate eyepatch comes in handy...yarr!

"Aaaaarrrrggghhhhh!!! I can't see! I can't see!" I appear to have sustained an eye injury during a game of 'Round & round the garden, like a teddy bear..' Hamish was having a shot doing me, and on his "One step, two steps" bit he went a bit mad on the tickle and instead gouged my eyeball with some (probably filthy) fingernails. 3 hours later and it's still killing me.

For the boys

For the girls

Lucky then that I had the foresight to run up Orla's party bags last night (all 18 of them in only about an hour!). I'm only posting about this because I feel so chuffed with myself with making something that's prettier than a printed plastic party bag while also saving money. The fabric I bought in IKEA about a year ago and was planning on using for 'something' but aside from making a drawstring tights bag for Orla, I've not done much else.

So my preparations for Orla's Princess & Pirate party are coming along nicely. It is becoming the most 'homemade' party I think we've ever had. I quite like that actually. If I had a badge making kit, I'd be even happier. Next up I plan on making the invites...while wearing a pirate eyepatch on my right eye. Though I hope I am not rocking this look until the end of March. Seriously. It's killing me.


  1. Love the party bags, but sorry to hear about the eye.
    We have a few parties coming up (well technically 2) and now I am seriously tempted to make my own cloth party bags....

    1. Oh you should! It was so easy! I sewed the ribbon in at the seam so that it stays on the bag but honestly that was as complicated as it got, so totally whizzed through them, and am left with a warm fuzzy, happy, feeling of satisfaction to boot.

      The eye however, is not fairing so well. Still quite nippy, so I am wondering if he has scratched my retina or something. Boys are bad for your health. ;-(


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