Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Playmobil Olympics: Is it wrong to be more excited by this than the real thing?

So, I am still thrilled by the fact that I am now here in Germany until at least November. I couldn't be happier. Well I could but that would involve finding out a giant Tesco was opening up round the corner selling everything I wanted it to sell at UK prices.

The funny thing is though that when I found out that we had a 6 month extension there was a bit of me that kind of went 'oh', in an ever-so-slightly, how-can-I-admit-this, disappointed way. Because I think once you think you have settled on the idea that you are going back, (whether you like it or not,) you start making plans about what you are going to do once you get back, and you start thinking more seriously about all the ways you can make this move a good move. And I know my list of 'things to be positive about' was not exactly large, but I suppose I had decided in my head that this wasn't going to happen, and I had made my peace with that.

I'd come up with a few more things that I was looking forward to, though still not feeling over-enthused about trudging through the Peak District on my weekends. One of the things I was looking forward to was being in England for the Olympics this summer. Not that I have tickets for anything, but it would be nice just to get wrapped up in the excitement, watch the events in English, and maybe even take a wee jaunt down to London to soak up the atmosphere for a few days (of atmospheric shopping). So my happiness was tinged with a little sadness for the things that we're not going to be doing in England at the end of May.

But look! Look what I saw in the new Playmobil catalogue!! Germany might not be hosting the 2012 Olympics but they have launched the Playmobil version. Aren't they great? I have already been dreaming about expanding the range to include a whole Olympic village and sports arenas and tv cameras, and medal podiums, and a little Playmobil Heather Small at the centre of the opening ceremony with a little Playmobil microphone that you can belt out "What have you done today to make you feel proud?..." while you re-enact everything. Wouldn't that be AMAZING?

Alas, there are just a few figures to collect. My favourites are the weightlifter and the gymnasts.

Beach Volleyball - Great tans & one that the men no doubt will love.

Fencing - Is that a riposte or a parry? I don't know, I'm only getting these words off of the Olympic's website . If it wasn't for the 'foils' I could easily mistake them for beekeepers.

Gymnastics - The balance beam. -  She's already lost out on a perfect 10, sadly marked down for her lack of flexibility (unless they've made her out of bendy rubber, which would be awesome!)

Hammer - Just LOVING the fact that the hammer thrower is a little bit 'chunky'!

Pommel Horse - He's great, isn't he? Look at the attention to detail: you can see his toes are in tights. I wouldn't be surprised if he got the gold.

Javelin - Nice to see she's made an effort to look pretty by putting on her mascara.

Judo - After 5 minutes of getting thrown around, I bet one of these competitors won't be smiling.  Oh, it's making me wish they had made sumo wrestlers. Can you imagine how cool that would be? That's not in the Olympics though is it?

Asymmetric bars - Love this. I hope she has enough room to swing round the high bar. I'd be disappointed if she couldn't. Maybe with bent legs, you think?

Rings - Love that he is Asian. And that could be so much fun to play with on your desk. 

Shooting - This one doesn't excite me very much. Can I swap it for a sumo wrestler please?

Swimming - sweet. Take your Olympics with you into the bath. Mark out lanes with bath crayons.

Table Tennis - I know, I know, it's a terrible racial stereotype, but I'm putting my money on the guy in blue, and I'm also turning his bat upside down in that funny professional hold ping pong players do.

Tennis - I wonder if they'll reissue this set in time for Wimbledon and give the guy on the right brown hair. It looks just like Andy Murray losing yet again in the final stages :-)

Track cycling - digging the glasses, but I am hoping that helmet is really streamlined at the back.

Weightlifting - Mr Awesome. LOVE the stubble, and love the bend in the bar with all the weight.  Hope he grunts too.

They are available to buy on the Playmobil Deutschland website now, and will be available in the UK from June.

Link: Olympics figures for sale on the Playmobil.de website


  1. OMG they are brilliant! BRILLIANT! We should get some and you and I make our own Olympics ha ha.

    1. Because we have so much time on our hands! And also I don't want my kids taking my toys!!

  2. Uh-oh, I better hide these from Hendrik or else he may bankrupt us! You must come round and play with all our Playmo. Without the kids. Bring wine.

    (P.S- Blogger isn't letting me comment with my Wordpress account: It says redirecting then brings me back to my comment, yet to be published! Grrr!)

    1. They're great. I would love to come round and play with Hendrik's Playmobil. I mentioned to Hamish that he has the dragons and he wants to come too. But maybe best wait until Hendrik's at work, I think Hamish would make him cry.

      Maybe we'd be better at playing girls things like wine drinking and crisp eating. Yay!


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