Monday, 11 June 2012

You should never meet your heroes

But it's great to meet people who you kind of think are great.

Last night we went to see Fran Healy of the Scottish band, Travis play a benefit concert for the Berlin Kids International School. A few of my friends came along and a friend of Stevie's from work came with his brother and their girlfriends. It was a great night. We all felt desperately old as we walked in and were all muttering "it's a bit dark, isn't it? We'll need a torch to find the toilets", though in fact we did adjust to the light, or lack thereof, in time to find the toilets. On my way back who should I meet on the stairs but Fran Healy himself who said "Hey!" to me. If I was a little more star-struck, I'd say WOW! and say it made my night, but you know, I didn't even realise it was him until a split-second afterwards. So at least I didn't say anything moronic back.

Someone who also wasn't star-struck, but quite tickled was Stevie, who on meeting his friend from work's brother couldn't help but think he recognised his voice. And it turns out, that it's a voice he is very familiar with and hears every day of the week on his way to and from work, because he's the Asia correspondent on BBC World News. Anyway, keep your ears open as I asked him to give Stevie a mention "... and coming up next it's the latest Asia Business Report going out especially to Stevie in Berlin".... or maybe not.

Hamish meanwhile was back at the house honing in his womanising skills with our new babysitter who's a rather stunning 18 year old. I knew he was keen on her after 2 minutes as the giveaway symptom was him rolling around on the floor making kind of crazy noises and rolling his eyes. It's what he does when he feels there's a bit too much emotion in the room, except the direction of the emotion in this instance was coming from him. He went from that to full scale showing off, and was busy showing her all his best body parts when I went through to get him to brush his teeth. When I was done he asked me whether I thought she liked kisses. I said she probably did, as most girls usually do, though perhaps he should ask her. So this morning he told me that he had asked her and then kissed her, and then told her he couldn't sleep on his own and managed to talk her into lying beside him in bed. I'm not sure if all his lines will work as well when he's 18 (Though I'm pretty sure "I'm a little bit Spiderman" will win most women over) but he's got enough time to practise.

So everybody had a lovely night :-)

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