Monday, 20 August 2012

This is not Amsterdam.

I'm not sure where we've been over the past week or so, but it's not been Amsterdam. Or Copenhagen. Or Vienna.

We've been talking about taking a weekend trip for a few weekends now. I really, really want to go to Copenhagen. On Google maps it looks so close, and yet it's still so far. If we were child-free it wouldn't be an issue: a 6 hour drive wouldn't be a problem, heck, if we didn't have kids we'd probably fly. But with kids, we always have to weigh up is it worth it for all that moaning and having to listen to "Are we nearly there now?" 400,000 times.

So Copenhagen is out for the moment. Vienna is much the same distance. Then the past couple of weekends we thought "Yeah, let's go to Amsterdam!", it's closer. Except, Stevie's been before and doesn't really feel *fussed* about going again, but as I wanted to go, then fine, we'd go.

Except we didn't. This happened the weekend before last, though admittedly he was shattered after a week working away, and then this weekend we were absolutely, totally going to go but at the last minute Stevie decided it wasn't really a great place to take the kids.

So we went north. To Warnemünde, on the coast. We've been there before, two years ago, and this time the weather was perfect. We  spent the day on the beach, had some lovely fish for dinner in one of the restaurants looking over the harbour, and planned on staying over and booking into a hotel, until Hamish got diarrhoea, and said he just wanted to go home. Thank god it wasn't a 6 hour drive.


  1. Sounds like a lovely day. We too have learnt to compromise on holiday destinations and days out! When we went to Malaysia to visit my sister, I was so worried about the hours of flying time I packed 2 huge carry-on bags full of entertainment equipment... only to find they had in-flight cartoons that my kids were glued to for almost the whole trip!

    1. You just never know though! I am currently packing for our trip back to Scotland tomorrow and trying to think out every possible situation and weather condition that might occur so that I am ready! but lucky you having a sister to visit in Malaysia! How lovely!


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