Wednesday, 21 November 2012

I love the KaDeWe at Christmas

I love Berlin. I am going to miss it so very much when we leave. I also love the KaDeWe, Berlin's version of Harrods.

Christmas is something special at the KaDeWe. It's shiny, it's excessive, it's less 'less is more' and more 'more is more' with a whole bag of more thrown in on top.

Who doesn't need a mouse in a crown? Who doesn't want to be transported into another world? The KaDeWe can give you it all.

This year's theme is 'Alice in Wonderland'. Giant chairs, a giant teddy, a giant fireplace with giant Christmas stockings hanging from it.

You walk into a huge room lined with giant bookshelves which on it's own would be pretty outstanding. But with all it's beautiful things piled up and sparkling and shining and tempting, it's just gorgeous.

There aren't many things I wouldn't happily take home with me. I want bowls full of baubles decorated with fine glittery scrolls.

I want tables stacked high with golden cake stands and silver candelabras and one hundred snowglobes each one with Santa.

I'm pretty sure my new house would feel more homely were it filled with stars and flowers and golden dishes and incense.

I love this place. This is how Christmas should look. Marvellous.


  1. I love KaDeWe. I always make sure to have a good explore there every time I go to Berlin. I'd love to see it at Christmas! Christmas decorations are the best!

  2. True, the KaDeWe is good at any time of the year! But it is brilliant at Christmas!

  3. Good grief that really is quite something, isn't it.

    I miss My Spiritual Home John Lewis.

    1. I hate to say I walked into Wilkinson's (or Wilko's as it shall be henceforth known) and felt like I had walked into an amazing world of consumer bliss. I am not sure how thrilled everyone I know will be with their Christmas presents this year, but I haven't yet acclimatised to shopping norms here. I think I might faint in John Lewis. I'll need to work up to it. ;-)

  4. When you buy a tree, take a branch and run your hand across and make sure a lot of needles don’t come off.


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