Monday, 13 September 2010

A love of hammering in nails is passed on.

Orla has decided she doesn't really like Kita. Well that's not strictly true: she says she likes it, she just doesn't like everybody speaking German and she's sick of it. She has not sickened of saying her new favourite word though "bloomin'". This morning when we got up she alerted me to the discovery of an old discarded banana squished up against the glass door with the words, "Bloomin' Hamish, and his bloomin' bananas!". Obviously I'll be having words with the Kita and blaming them for her coming home with phrases like that...

One thing she does like about Kita is one of the toys they have. It's called Haba Nagelspiel, and basically it's a cork board, flat wooden shapes with tiny little holes in the centre, a wooden hammer and a big tub of tiny sharpish nails. It's easy enough to work out; you make pictures with the shapes a bit like fuzzy felts, but you have the pleasure of hammering them into place! I love the Germans sometimes. I love the fact that they haven't gone like the British and are worrying that they'll get sued every minute of the day. They let the kids who have just turned 2 play with this and grab big handfuls of little easy-to-swallow nails. I guess there hasn't been a perforated bowel yet. Maybe they're not as daft as us lot.

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  1. Ha ha ha. I love the thought of a roomful of nursery kids, armed with nails and hammers. Much like our summer show which this year encouraged a group of three and four year olds to perform an energetic dance waving ribbons on sticks!


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