Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Old and new

Today I went and sorted out the payments to the nursery at the Commerzbank all easy enough - except that I handed the sheet with all the information (written in German) to the native German speaker behind the counter and twice had to point out easy to read and pertinent bits of information to her. If I didn't know better, I'd think my German was quite good.

Then I went over to the book shop and got a couple of books and a couple of other things. Up at the cash desk I handed over my card to pay and as soon as the cashier inserted it into the machine twice - I KNEW! He did it a third and fourth time, and then I asked him if it wasn't working. Well of course it wasn't working because it wouldn't be right of the Commerzbank to give me a card that lasted for more than a month and a half!

Raging, I went to the next closest Commerzbank and managed to get in just as they were locking the doors. I told the man behind the desk that my card wasn't working and that it was the second time that this had happened, and that I was bored of being embarressed by this. The response from the man working in the Commerzbank that looks exactly like 'the Commerzbank' that I'd been to along the road, was that he could give me money, but that they were the 'new' Commerzbank, whereas the other one I'd been to was the 'old' Commerzbank, and the soonest he could help me with my card problem would be in a years time. I said I didn't need any cash and I would wait a year and come back.



  1. I recently closed my Clydesdale account. To do this I had to either present myself in person at the branch (London) or write a letter... I did so, asking them to send the money to my Santander account. But apparently they can't do that, and have sent me a cheque.

    So now I have a cheque, and I want to pay it into my Santander account. But they tell me that they will only accept electronic payments.

    Now what do I do?

    Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr indeed!

  2. As Mister Maker would say, "Frame it!"?

    Back to the bank today to complain and try and get this sorted out. I asked if they spoke English (I just can't moan well enough in German) and they said yes. Which they did until I started pointing out that my other cards, like my British bank card which I've had since 2008 works perfectly well and lives beside my German card in my purse, hasn't been rendered useless by magnets as they suggest, and all of a sudden it's back to German. And once again my card is cut up in front of me and I am sent on my way. about you sign your cheque over to me and pop it into my Lloyds TSB account. I'm sure I could sort you out with a little something once I take off my massive administration fee.


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