Wednesday, 20 October 2010

10ml Calpol + 5ml Nurofen, in the most delightful way!

Too ill to be bothered with anything

Too ill to eat

Too ill even to sleep

There's something going round, and Hamish has caught it. He's been too ill to go to nursery, which has meant no German school for me in the last 2 days. He's got a high temperature and a cough, and feels like he just needs his mummy.

Were it not for the temperature that I'm throwing the old faithful combo of Calpol and Baby Nurofen at, I would have my doubts that he was really that ill. It's a sort of man-flu thing. See pictures for details.


  1. How do they know about man flu already? I have one small boy much the same. It is a scary prospect of the future to come for some poor hapless wife!

  2. Hope you are all feeling better. Our first year here we spent being ill, one sickness after another, one Berlin virus followed by a NRW one, then Berlin, and so on. We have hardened up a bit no, thank goodness. Glad the kids can stomach nurofen- mine throw up at the taste, which is sort of self defeating. We import children's motrin in a tastier formulation.

  3. we had a whole week of it too. so frustrating staying in the house!


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