Sunday, 24 October 2010

Welcome to Anywhere

If you post me back I'll see less of the place, right? Oh and can you send me by DHL? I want to get back in time for Emmerdale.

So you've got a few hang-ups about the war. And you've convinced yourself that Berlin is probably still a war-torn city lying in ruins. And it scores high on your list of 'Places I Wouldn't Visit In A Million Years'. So what do you do when friends and family move there and you'd really quite like to see them?

Fret not, dear readers, for Stevie has a solution.

Welcome to Anywhere Weekends ... where a holiday is a home from home.
  • Start off Friday evening with a badly home cooked meal courtesy of my good self.
  • Then it's off to the Irish Pub for some Guinness and maybe a few Baileys for the ladies.
  • Saturday brings a whirlwind of excitement with a visit to a tropical paradise all under a roof and hot all year round (~ sounds a bit like the pool at Center Parcs to me), then maybe a spot of shopping at H&M, eh... IKEA, and eh.... Starbucks.
  • Close your eyes on the way to dinner, enter the wary travellers safe haven, and savour the smell of your McDonalds. Hey, your on your holidays, why not go large?
  • Sunday brings a day of relaxation, enjoy your surroundings (in the flat) and stop moaning.
  • Round off your trip on Monday with a quick dash round the airport shops to stock up on Toblerone and Pringles, and before you know it you're back home.

And don't eat all my chocolate digestives while you're here.


  1. No sauerkraut or pumperknickel?

  2. I've been thinking of Tropical Islands too, but instead we spent the weekend biking in the rain:). Glad you are feeling better.


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