Thursday, 11 November 2010

Laterne Fest - it's a German thing for competitive mummies

Today is Laterne Fest, or Lantern Fest which celebrates St Martin's Day. All I know about St. Martin is that he has an art college in London. The basic gist of it is that children (or their mothers) make a lantern and it is lit by a wonderful little bulb on a stick that runs on batteries. You are meant to go on a lantern walk with all the children from the Kita and then there is singing round the bonfire and eating and drinking. Oodles of fun, and shedloads of pumpkin soup that I had to eat cause the kids thought it was "yuck".

I had 24 hours notice that Orla needed a lantern to take part. This is 4 years of Industrial Design condensed into cardboard and sparkly paper. Don't think I didn't notice the envious glances! Pff!


  1. Well I for one am bedazzeled!! Extreme effort on your part. We had our last St Martin's zug last night. The Germans are nothing if not determined. Gale force winds and pelting, ice cold rain did NOT put a stop to it, although they did concede to a 'shorter' route. We came home freezing, soaked and happy that Miss 9 heads off to high school next year so we never have to do it again! Pumpkin soup? That is an unusual choice for Germans.. we at least get a 'Weckman' which are quite delicious.

  2. Ooh, I am intrigued. What's a 'Weckman'? The pumpkin soup was nice, but if a Weckman tastes anything like Cadbury's chocolate buttons send some over!

    Thankyou for your admiring glances at my lanterns - but I won't be adding them to my portfolio!


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