Monday, 29 November 2010

I wonder what I will win today?

The trouble with being one of those people that everyone hates cause they saunter into exams having done the absolute minimum of study and then coast through, not a re-sit in sight, is that eventually 20 years down the line, they fail a crappy, non-important German test and have so much anger with themselves that they would scream really, really loudly, if only they didn't think the neighbours would complain that it was outside the hours allotted to expressing inner pain.

My sister LOVED me as a child. I nearly said 'hated' but of course that's not true as I was/am quite a monumentally loveable person. But it can be quite hard to love someone who consistently says on the morning of the Easter egg decoration/ Christmas card design competition/ blah, blah, blah, competition at school, year in, year out "I wonder what my prize will be?". You kind of want them to fail. Miserably.

May todays dark, dark, event never recur.

(Of course I did fail my driving test first time, but I blame the bus that emergency stopped in front of me and took me by surprise)


  1. I hardly did any revising for my exams and it showed. My grades were terrible! That was a long time ago though and times were different then. I think teenagers these days need to knuckle down, jobs are few and far between, especially where I live in the sticks.

    CJ xx

  2. (Between sobs) There's no opportunity for re-sits. It's just a crappy test, and I'm stuck with my dreadful performance, and that (sob) is why I ate one of the kids Milka chocolate Santa's tonight. It was the only thing that could make me feel better while studying German grammar.

    And yes, CJ, there's an awful lot more competition out there nowadays. Since everybody got degrees, suddenly those who wanted to do better than a minimum wage job had to get a Masters, and even when I graduated and was working in Oddbins there were people behind the counter with pHD's! Ridiculous!


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