Sunday, 16 January 2011

Sheena Easton comes to dinner

There's always something. Just as Hamish has turned a small corner with his hatred of Kita - he quite enjoyed it on Friday, especially as he went to the aquarium and got to see sharks and water snakes, and fish. I'm keeping an eye on things though and if I need to then this week I'll ask to have him moved down to Orla's class.

Anyway, things are looking a little better, and just as they are, all of a sudden Orla has developed the strangest accent. It seems to have just 'happened', and it's a bit odd. Last week Orla had a perfectly nice English accent, developed in Derby. Despite coming from two Scottish parents our accents have never influenced hers. But since Friday, I think, she's suddenly turned into a tiny version of Sheena Easton. (Follow the link for a youtube video)

Do you remember Sheena Easton? Her Scottish accent went a bit funny in what?, the late '80's/early '90's when she began working in the US, and she developed a 'mid-atlantic' drawl. Well, this is not a kick-in-the-shins away from what has happened to Orla. She suddenly has a Scottish accent but she draws out the last word in an odd drawl that also seems to increase in pitch. If they started casting for a Scottish version of Melrose Place or 90210 (I like the sound of PA2 7TE - classy) she'd be perfect.

It is of course driving me nuts. It sounds hideous, and it's constant. All of a sudden I'm longing for her to develop a German accent, I don't even care if it's like one of those dreadful German accents off 'Allo, 'Allo, ANYTHING would be an improvement!


  1. Oh god that sounds dreadful (but as someone not having to listen to it all day, also hilarious). My sister's husband is American - they live in the States - and their kids are both growing up with very odd accents - half ultra patronising Californian, half Little Lord Fauntleroy. Instead of "yes", they either drawl "sure" or give you a very clipped English "of course". YES irritating.

    Anyway I just found my way here from Morgenmuffel's blog and thought I would say hello... I love your photos - esp the tilt shift, ♥ tilt shift; wish I wasn't so totally confused by Photoshop.

  2. Thankyou! And yes, you're spot on accent-wise. I'm hoping this is a temporary phase for her and in a week or two she'll sound like a native Berliner!


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