Monday, 21 February 2011

Close your eyes, big sister!

Grateful for 'depth of field' - it hides most of the bad bits!

A little close-up of areas to be re-painted

I have more or less finished another painting. More or less because I can't finish off the flowers. The original flowers died and I haven't replaced them yet. I assumed I would paint them before they died, but what with kids not sleeping in the evening and what not, I ended up painting them when they were busy composting themselves downstairs.

Nor did I even have them in this jug, so really the whole thing is a fabrication. I intend re-painting the flowers though, the jug I can live with. This was meant to be a complementary painting for the bowl and cup painting I did, but with time not on my side of late, and painting by light bulb and not natural light they've both turned out slightly different colour-wise. Ah well.

Everything that doesn't turn out as well as I like I tend to give to either my mum or my sister, so this may well be where they are headed. Close your eyes big sister, this might be your birthday present! I am trying to get enough paintings done to open a little Etsy shop. It'll be a mix of baby name pictures and well just regular paintings. I want to really do things that I want to do, as opposed to following a brief.

At the moment I am trying to come up with a name for the shop - that seems to be the hardest part. There is already a Fiona Gray who does lots of creative things, so I can't really use my own name, and anyway, I think I might like a different name for the shop. Once I have a short list I might have my Facebook friends have a vote. Better get thinking!


  1. I think your mom and sister are super lucky!! This looks terrific.

    Hmm, your shop name is a predicament. Plus you sort of want something that works in both languages in case you go to Dawanda as well...??

    Maybe you could play on Gray --
    Fiona Gray aka. Frau Grau

    Best wishes for all your happy creations!!
    From ochsenfurt,

  2. Vielen Dank! Yes, I've thought about using the 'gray' part, and I've also been trying to think of some German names too. I like your Frau Grau idea, rhymes nicely! Will add it to the list!

  3. Frau Grau is awesome! Love it. And the jug-that-doesn't-exist. Brilliant.

  4. Yeah, funnily enough I thought of you when I first read it! I hadn't realised what an excellent name I have in German!


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