Sunday, 20 February 2011

cold, sunshiney days!

We took advantage of the sunshine this morning to take a trip to Prenzlauerberg, an area in the north-east of the city that we haven't spent much time in. We've driven through it twice, and been out for dinner there once, and every time I have been keen to go there when the lovely little shops are open and see what it's like in the daylight.

So today of course being Sunday, the shops weren't open. But it didn't matter. Prenzlauerberg is known for being the place to live for people with young families. And it's true. I'm sure it's difficult to find a street where you don't meet someone with a pushchair. Walking down one street I counted 3 baby/child shops. I have a good feeling about Prenzlauerberg! It could be the perfect place for me to sell my 'baby name art'.

The kids loved it because there were so many play parks. It was such a beautiful sunny day as well. Just a pity it was also -3!! This week we are to expect temperatures of -10 degrees. I'm longing for the winter to be over and the temperature to be just a little less brisk! Then I think we will spend a lot more time over there getting to know the area. It has a lot of really beautiful buildings and tree-lined streets. I like the fact that it seems just a little bit busy; there are lots of people out and about.

I had originally wanted to look apartments in Prenzlauerberg - based on what I had read about it in our 'Berlin. The Complete Resident's Guide' book. I would still like to live there, but it's just a bit too far from Stevie's work, and by the looks of things it could be a nightmare for him getting parked in the evening. Ah well, I will content myself with visits!

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