Thursday, 16 June 2011

Blogger goes all fancy-nancy!

There are a million and one things I *should* be doing right now (including collecting the kids), but I just found out about this: After all that hoo-ha with Blogger not working, and not letting us sign in and comment even on our own blogs, they've decided to make it up to all of us by letting us do some fancy things with our blogs. I for one forgive them. Because I do love a bit of almost pointless gimmickry. Especially if it makes me go "Ooh! That's cool!"

Did you know that there are new ways that you can view a Blogger blog? I bet you didn't. Neither did I until a couple of minutes ago. Up above you can see new ways to navigate my blog. It makes me want to go back and add more photos to the posts that don't have them. If you want to see what it looks like (for real) and fritter away some more of your precious time on the internet (just like me), then click this link right here to see somewhere between facebook and flickr in all manner of fancy ways.

You can also use the drop down menu on the top right to try other options, like 'snapshot' which I am quite taken with, though it took me a minute to work out what the numbers were all about. So now you'll never be bored again reading my blog...hmm....I'm not sure that came out right.


  1. "I do love a bit of almost pointless gimmickry."

    - As do I. Thanks for this! I hadn't seen that yet.

  2. I wish you hadn't revealed this. I'm meant to be staying under my books for another two weeks and now I'm desperate to fiddle about endlessly with almost pointless gimmickry.


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