Monday, 6 June 2011

Kanninchen paella won't make me a better person (pt1)

I was reading Mwa's post earlier about her buying Elizabeth Gilbert's 'Committed' - the sequel to Eat, Pray, Love'. It's about a couple who decide to list their respective flaws to each other prior to their wedding. Is this ever a good idea? There's always the risk that while you list 6 A4 sides of terrible flaws, your boyfriend can only think of maybe 1 or 2 things about himself that he considers negatives. Depending on how long you'd been 'dating', and for me & Stevie that's 10 whole, long, flawless years, I reckon I know most of his flaws and would find it hard not to help him out with a few suggestions. Still, I reckon I'd still have a longer list than him, and that would be enough to make me hate him.

Over the years vague, fuzzy notions I've had about myself have begun to cement themselves in my head as flaws. Maybe it's just as you get older you become more self-aware, and start to realise there are things that you wish were different, but either can't, or can't be bothered to. And then there are the things that you don't consider flaws, but other people do. I'd count my refusal to eat kanninchen paella as one of those. When we were out for our 'one year in Berlin' anniversary, we stopped to get something to eat and Stevie bemoaned my lack-of-adventure-in-food flaw. Stupid paella. Why do they have to be for a minimum of two people anyway? Find me two people who want to eat rabbit paella, and I'll... well, I don't know, probably have a much lower opinion of them. That's bunnies! You can't go eating bunnies! It's just not right. I would have been far more comfortable eating pigs eyelids and god knows what all ground down lovingly into a nice big sausage. And anyway, cast your mind back to Fatal Attraction. Exactly! Bunnies in a pot - never a good thing.

In actual fact the kanninchen paella was just a little follow up to the main event of our anniversary weekend. I'll write about that in part 2. My trip to paradise. Or where more of my flaws (moaning, and my utter hatred of swimming and it's related activities - which absolutely is a flaw (according to Stevie)) are explored.


  1. Damn, you're good.

  2. I'm with you--I just hear the word Kaninchen and it stirs up images of someone's pet. No way would I eat that!

  3. WE have been talking about going for three years, so I thank you for going first for us and taking photos!
    I think it's now officially too warm for me- unless they actually cool it down? I nearly fainted at my older daughter's swim less on today, the schwimmbad was so warm. But Olympic Stadium should be open soon.

  4. Well, the temperature is constant, so it might be nice when it's really hot outside. We heard quite a few people complain about it being a bit cold when they got out of the water, and it was a little - it certainly wasn't humid. The children's play area/pool really was hot, but the other pools were just a nice temperature.

    We went to the Wilmersdorf indoor pool and it was roasting. But I hear the Kinder pool in Mitte opens this weekend - yay! (groan) yay!

  5. Got here a bit late, but you're right. Bad idea to actually go through with the lists.

    (I like to eat rabbit. I hope we're okay.)


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