Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Adventures in Groupon: Like I just stepped out of a salon

Forgive me this sudden attack on your eyesight.

It's not often I force my giant face on here, but the thing is, I've been Groupon-ed.

We've been going a wee bit Groupon mad lately. A meal here and there. Late night bowling with disco lights hooked up to the equalizer. And of course I went to Loxx Miniatur Welten with Sarah a while back, and we got a taste for saving money, or a taste for spending it on things you probably wouldn't otherwise yet thinking you've got a bargain. Our adventures in Groupon are set to continue with a meal in the dark restaurant. God help us. Everyone says it's rotten. It's a total tourist venue. Let me describe it: you are served by a blind waiter, and you eat in total darkness, the premise being that you 'experience' the food more. From the reports I have heard, your clothes also get to experience the food more. And the food isn't meant to be that great. But still I am looking forward to it. I think we'll have a lot of fun. Especially trying to take photos. Don't tell Sarah, but I am totally going to make sure I don't need the toilet before we go because I don't fancy having to take the waiter with me. I've already been pre-warned that when you enter you have to hold on to the waiter's shoulders to get to your table. My plan is to hang back and let Sarah cling to the waiter. Like I say, I think it'll be fun.

We also have a trip booked to go up in the Die Welt hot air balloon. It doesn't do much, just goes up, as it's tethered to the ground, hangs about for a bit, then it's back down. But as you might have guessed, this really is us treating our cameras to an outing. It's nice to have a friend to share these moments with. Especially a friend who doesn't say "Seriously, can you not do anything without a camera stuck to your face?"

Which might explain my Groupon haircut. See above for details. I have a wonky fringe. Or rather I have one side with long chunks in it. I noticed it at the time and said to the hairdresser about it, and she trimmed a half centimetre off it. Then I said again, and she trimmed it a bit again, but not so much that I didn't come home, scowl into the camera, and then straighten it up myself.

Incidentally, I am utterly rubbish at complaining at the hairdressers. I know that. This was me doing my best to say "I am not happy with my fringe: sort it". She also told me what a gorgeous colour my hair is. I laughed. I thought it was a hairdresser's joke. As the last time I was at this same hairdressing salon I decided to go dark. Except that it washed out after 4 washes and the result is not entirely unfashionable, but unintentional ombre hair. Overall, I'd say my hair is the colour of pine furniture from the 80's. It makes me shudder with embarrassment. My hairdresser says it's "just lovely". Well, this is Berlin after all.

My other Groupon adventures:
Unsicht-bar - eating in the dark restaurant
Panoramapunkt - sightseeing from the top of Kollhof Tower.
Die Welt hot air balloon - sightseeing from Berlin's famous hot air balloon
Loxx Miniatur Welten - Mini Berlin with trains in the Alex shopping centre


  1. I've never used Groupon. I don't understand it. Crackingly sharp haircut though! Lots of love, Grandma Dietz

    1. Oh, you'd love it! The food deals are amazing! We went to this Weinkeller for a 4 course dinner with wine and the place was chock a block full of Groupon customers. The food bore very little resemblance to the photos on Groupon: carrots- tinned, that sort of thing. But my favourite was the tapas starter which was a few slices of chorizo, a few prawns, and a cold IKEA meatball each. I really laughed at that, especially as, having just discussed whether it might be an IKEA one or an Aldi one with my friend, we paused to hear Stevie going "This is beautiful! I wonder what this is...". Ha, ha! Anyway, the best bit was we had about 8 bottles of wine, so it was a lovely evening, meatballs included!

    2. This sounds ideal. I shall click my way forthwith to the Groupon site *nervous face*

    3. See, just you wait, you'll be a Groupon addict in no time!


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