Thursday, 29 July 2010

Commerzbank scuppers meatball purchase

I went to IKEA twice today. The first time I hauled the kids round the store in one of those wooden carts (have I just not seen those in the Nottingham branch before or are they unique to mainland Europe) and quickly regretted handing over my Berlin Zoo card for the pleasure of it. I thought I was going to strain my arms really badly. But really, can you strain an arm if you have to say to your partner, "Wait a minute until I find the muscle"?

So dragged the kids round, found dining room chairs and covers, swapped cart thing for flatbed trolley, stood in ginormous queue with it has to be said reasonably well behaved kids as I had promised them ice cream if they were good, and then get to the point where I need to pay and am told that my card isn't recognised. Isn't that odd? Isn't that especially odd when I had used the very same card in IKEA the night before buying the table?

I raged all the way home, then raged all the way to Commerzbank to have words. According to them the strip on my card must have been close to a magnet. I think that is rubbish. The woman told me to go and take cash out with it and then bring the card back to her. I did, and she then cut it up. But if the strip doesn't work, then how does it work in the machine? No answer to that question, just mumbling in German. And also, if it's just the strip not working and the chip is ok, then why wouldn't it work in IKEA where they use Chip & Pin??? I asked again. This time round she acted like she no longer knew what I meant by 'Chip & Pin' even though she had the first time I explained what had happened to me. Mind you, it could have been Orla chanting "Are you shouting at the lady yet?" that was putting her off.

I've had it with Commerzbank. This is the third crap event I've had with them in about the 6 weeks I've been a customer. So, I was back at IKEA tonight to re-buy my chairs. This time, I got there and they only had 3 left. So guess what, I'm back again tomorrow. I figured I have been there too many times now when as I reached the checkout the cashier spoke to me in English before I even said anything.

Ugh! Meatball, anyone?


  1. As if Ikea with kids isn't stressful enough normally.

  2. What a nightmare - you must have the patience of a saint! Nothing like a German cashier to make you feel like a criminal if your card doesn't work. I filled the car with petrol (80 euro later) a couple of weeks back - went to pay using my cash card.. not working... credit card... also not working. The guy was so rude, even though I insisted that perhaps it was HIS machine and not my card. Managed to convince him I was not going to hop a cargo ship to Africa and promised to return with some cash... by the time I got back there was a queue out the door.. of course it was HIS machine... he gave me a weak smile but didn't apologise... can't imagine what would have happened if you didn't speak German!


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