Thursday, 8 July 2010

An hour in the company of feral children

Did I ever tell you about the time we gave in to Orla's begging at Center Parcs and spent £25 on a game of bowling which they wanted to do for all of about a minute? Well, we succumbed to the endless requests to go in a boat trip up the river Spree. So we paid the money and off we went and within oh, maybe 2 minutes it was like having two wild animals with us that we were desperately trying to make sit in seats and stop drowning out the audio guide for everyone. We made it through the hour-long trip, but it felt a bit like the 3 hour trip that we initially considered going on. I think I would have ended up making a swim for it.

Far more successful was our trip to the East Side Gallery, which is a stretch of Berlin Wall that has been kept and various artists were commissioned in 1989 to paint murals on it. Over the years other people added additional graffitti and the artists were asked back recently to re-paint their murals. The kids loved it, and just across the road the annual sand castle competition (it's probably called something fancier than a sandcastle competition) was taking place. We didn't pay to go in, as we planned on going back another time, but I did poke my camera through the fence. And the kids enjoyed getting lifted up on our shoulders for a look. So it's true, sometimes the best things in life actually are free!

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