Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Meatballs & aeroplane engines

Hamish likes to ask me in the morning where 'Daddy has gone'. I usually tell him he has gone to work, except occasionally in our pre-Berlin days when he went to play football on Saturday morning. Recently our early morning conversation about Daddy's whereabouts has moved on a question: I tell him that Daddy has gone to work, and he says "To make meatballs?". I'm not sure where he has got this idea from, but it's just easier I find to say "yes".

Orla, on the other hand is old enough to handle the truth. She asked me what Daddy does at work, and I told her that "Daddy makes aeroplane engines. That's why people are scared to fly."

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  1. I always think honesty is important in a relationship but I fear for your husband's confidence levels!


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