Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Pork comes to those who wait

Oh how refreshed I've felt today. I have stumbled through the day so tired that I can barely think. I tried to think of something simple to make for dinner, but I couldn't think of anything beyond pork. I am utterly sick of it, but still I made it. Pork loins in a honey and mustard glaze. The kids are also sick to death of pork. Hamish asked what we were eating, and so fearful was I that if I said pork he wouldn't eat it, I lied and said chicken. I think we're all sick of chicken too.

I am going to be inspired by this Julie & Julia film (if ever I get to see it) and am going to broaden my culinary repertoire---somehow---not sure how yet. It's taken me 30 odd years to get to pork with a honey and mustard glaze, and I feel I need to act fast before we have pork break downs. Stevie has warned me that if I make "meatballs with that bloody pork mince" one more time in the near future he'll lose the will to live. This from a man who claims "It doesn't matter what you eat, it's just going into your stomach to be churned up and made into energy". It's a recipe book tagline just waiting to happen.


  1. Get a Nigella book and practise cooking wearing the sort of bra that creates a shelf of your chest just under your chin and spend alot of time tasting by slurping on your fingers. That should get his attention, then it won't matter what sort of pork you are serving!

  2. Why pork? I never think of pork... other than in a rude way of course, and even then not very often...

    What's wrong with beans on toast say I?!

  3. Pork is the meat of choice here. It's very much pork or go hungry. I bought two nights worth of beef yesterday at the supermarket and it cost me 26 Euros. Pork on the other hand is dirt cheap in all its guises, which is probably another reason why it's so popular. Fish is also quite expensive. So far I've only bought tuna steaks and salmon and each time it's been about £15 a shot.

    Oh and beans...well you can buy them in Edeka for Euro 1.96 and I don't love beans *that* much.

  4. Aaahhh just lost my last comment - anyway... I was suggesting you find a good Turkish Grocer and make friends - usually he will have great lamb (fresh in season) and much better prices than the frozen imported NZ chops you usually find. Or Asian Supermarkets are great in Berlin. Keep an eye out for the supermarket catalogues - they have weekly specials (beef) that are usually quite a good deal. Aldi has good frozen Rot Barsch fillets (which I buy and find quite ok) and frozen prawns. Worth a try.

  5. Kaufland even has great frozen tuna fillets to grill and there's Rogaki, which is a great fish market. I buy most meat at Nazars and beef at Selgros (the German costco, where it costs a lot but not a mint). What section of town are you in?


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