Friday, 6 August 2010

Only her hairdresser knows for sure.

From now on I will mostly be appearing at a funny angle with a mop and bucket over my left shoulder.

Because I'm worth it

So as you can see I got my hair done. I quite like it, but I am frustrated that I can't seem to get out of 'short-hair-hell'. I have very limited options with it this length, but then that's what happens when you go and do this.

Anyway, here's how it went. Did I tell you that there seem to be a fair number of British women here who seem fearful of going to German hairdressers? Well, so far I have met quite a few who go 'home' to get their hair done, and my last hairdresser in the UK told me that she had a client who came back to get hers done. It seems like a very expensive haircut if you have to include flights.

Now I know I mentioned the fact that haircuts are miles cheaper here than in the UK and that I would be taking full advantage of that while here... well it would appear that that is not the case, in my particular case. Somehow I manage to seek out the most expensive hairdresser in the area. I am not entirely sure how I manage this, but I am so experienced that I now manage to mask my horror at the tillpoint when they tell me the 3 figure sum.

YOU READ THAT CORRECTLY. But go on read it again and have another gasp. I think I managed to save about £10 on what I ha, ha, ha, pay in the UK (and I got a treatment into the bargain), but it turns out that my handy little hairdresser that looked quite nice from the outside is an ex- Vidal Sassoon stylist and Vogue photography shoot stylist.

So in case you were wondering why I am looking into the camera at a funny angle in the top photo well, that's because that apparently is my 'best side' and I should ALWAYS appear this way. I imagine that will cause a few difficulties in my day to day life as I try to position myself to be seen at my best advantage at Kaiser's meat counter and as I emerge from the toilets at the zoo to the waiting paparazzi.

I really enjoyed myself though at the salon. I loved the fact that the trainee quickly assessed the fact that I couldn't really speak German and switched the big pile of German magazines in front of me for a big pile of English ones (I was sold from that point to be honest). I got lots of interesting hair care tips and a bundle of Sebastian samples to take home, and the hairdresser instead of talking rubbish about holidays and what I don't do for a living gave me her analysis of Naomi Campbell's appearance in court from her body language and a break down of how her outfit had been styled to match exactly the traits that she was trying to portray, to how well trained she had been in what she was saying. Of course my life is a news void, so I had very little to say on the matter except that perhaps Naomi Campbell appeared so poised in court because she has had so much practice.

On a side topic of hair, I am currently reading a book called 'What the dog saw' by Malcolm Gladwell. Malcolm Gladwell is a writer for The New Yorker, and this book covers a variety of everday things and looks at them from a different angle. I'm finding it really interesting. He talks about how problems like homelessness might be easier to solve rather than manage and what goes on with the brain that gives us the difference between panicking and choking. My favourites so far have been 'Why there are dozens of varieties of mustard but only one of ketchup' and 'What hair dye can tell us about the 20th century'. It's all about how attitudes towards hair dying have altered over the course of the century and the two main players who made this a possibility. Anyway, if you come across it, have a look through it and you might just fancy it. (Also if you would like to pay the absolute maximum price you ever possibly could for it, send me an email I seem to have a knack for this kind of thing)


  1. How do you say lovely in german? wunderbar? zer gut? Either way, it's lovey! x

  2. I'm very impressed! Not just the haircut (although I think that looks nice - but then what do I know, I liked the last one too) but more because I'd definitely have been heading for the nearest easyjet flight to somewhere they understand the phrase "don't give me a mullet..."

    Can you tell I've been burned before? It wasn't a good look...

  3. Maybe they're waiting till I get some length before they surprise me with the mullet. I did see a small boy with short hair and an 8 inch pleated rats tail at the back straight from the 80's. It didn't look good then and it doesn't look any better now.

  4. Very good haircut. Maybe you'll go some way to convincing our British sisters that not all Europeans are dirndl-wearing freaks.

  5. Every cut I have had here has been so bad that last time I went back to NY, I had to cut off all my hair and start over again. From 2 feet to 6 inches. Aggh. I may want that hair stylist's address.

  6. You know what? You don't want the address. It turned out my highlights were really shockingly bad. It wasn't until I washed it and parted it slightly differently that I started to see that they had been done terribly and already gave me roots.

    My friend goes to Aveda on the Ku'damm but it's 100 euros for your highlights alone... eek. Still, her hair looks good.


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