Thursday, 5 August 2010

You're going, whether you like it or not!

My Kita search is over. Isn't it lucky that I amn't an overly picky sort and have no idea whether there are anything even similar to OFSTED reports over here? I got a phone call from Claudia at the relocation company to say that she has searched high and low to find another nursery that could take Orla and Hamish and has only come up with one other one, a bilingual one, that's quite far away, and actually only has space for one of my children. I couldn't decide whether I should still go and see it. I am worried that I might love it, that's the trouble. Normally, there's nothing I like better than sitting, mulling over which of my children I love best, but in this instance I think I would prefer that they at least both went to the same place.

I have also received my Gutschein - the voucher that you need to take to your nursery of (no) choice. It is a lengthy document and I understood very little of it, but have found out that we have been awarded half days which means 4-5 hours Monday to Friday. I also managed to find a concise 29 page pdf on the Berlin city website. Turns out that this is the minimum that we could have expected. Now all I need to do is make sure that I could get to my language class and back within my alloted Kita hours. You can apply for extra time, but I would be happier if they weren't in Kita all day anyway. It would be nice though if there was a little bit of flexibility for say times when I have hospital appointments, but I am not sure that it is possible with this system.

And in other news, I am getting my highlights done this afternoon, and possibly I might have agreed to a cut. I don't really need a cut but I read something about this place that said that they assess all sorts of factors from your bone structure to your something else and decide what would suit you best. I am a great one for going to a hairdresser and saying "do whatever you like", so this is right up my street. And actually, the salon is right up my street so that settled my decision. I may be away from my blog for a few weeks after this, crying and hiding under a hat...

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