Wednesday, 1 December 2010

The Advent-ure Twins

-6 outside today. I have no idea how we will go out when it's -20 or worse. The kids are moaning how cold their faces are at this temperature. I can see us all wearing those terrible balaclavas that only have eyeholes and a mouthhole. Never thought I'd be working the ye olde terrorist/SAS look this year.

As you can see we got the Playmobil advent calendars out. I started off with just the Santa one, but Stevie pointed out there would be an awful lot of arguments about who opened the door.So we also have a nice horsey one too. If there's one thing I utterly love about this country it's Playmobil.

I am looking forward to seeing how these scenes pan out. Already we have a horse visiting Santa's office keeping the post box company.

I met my upstairs neighbour this morning on my way out. She was telling me she wanted to leave some old boots outside our door for the kids, and then started talking about books. I left feeling a bit confused, and later I asked my German teacher for more information. She told me that this is a celebration on the 6th December. The boots are left outside the door on the evening of the 5th and if you've been good then you get presents. According to Wikipedia if you've been naughty you get left a tree branch. My neighbour is coming down tomorrow afternoon to discuss this with me, presumably to remind me why it's sticks all round for us lot.

My two would be overjoyed to find they'd been left sticks. All the better to poke each others eyes out.


  1. LOL, brilliant post. I've heard about the boots before I think, unless it was something else I'm thinking about. But it'd be sticks all round for us, too, no doubt.

    CJ xx

  2. Ha ha ha. Can't wait to hear what they get. We are waiting in breathy anticipation for the Lego calendar I have recklessly splashed out on for the smalls. Obviously, I bought it really because I want to make the little things but the children are under the mistaken impression it is for them.

  3. I'm in bed looking at the snow outside and grateful that the husband is taking the kids to school- what a day! Once again, it's not so much the snow as the grey sky. The chilling cold is also a bit difficult for adults: are we supposed to wear thermal hosen as well? Sounds like you are having fun.

  4. I thought I was happy with my Hello Kitty chocolate advent calendar, but I see that playmobil or lego are much finer choices. I have no children to use as an excuse I'm just a big child myself :D


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