Tuesday, 12 January 2010

the lists start here...

So it seems to have started. I am in the throws of list-writing. I am going to have lists for everything from 'things we will sell/take with us/ throw out/ give away' to 'the bare minimum of things we'd need to buy apon arrival if we go literally just taking big suitcases'(Stevie's idea cause he could probably manage to live there with just the contents of a small rucksack, and is not like me who needs 'things'). This will be my favourite list; it's like a great big shopping list. I'm starting with an allen key, as I reckon we will need to go from the airport straight to IKEA.

Last night we went through all our (ok, 'my') CD's to decide which we wanted to keep for the car/throw away/sell. Stevie pronounced that all mine are crap, but I am not the one who owned quite a few Erasure CD's when we met. I have surprised myself by being quite happy to get rid of pretty much everything. I thought this was going to be really difficult (especially when I get to my list of things I really cherish that I absolutely have to keep/take with me/cherish in Berlin). Onwards and upwards!

I finished my picture for baby Lucas's christening this weekend. I am quite pleased with it, though afterwards I thought I maybe should have added a little blanket to hang down his left side and am not sure that Aels will like the red lettering. Carmella thinks she'll like it and is sure that Aels has some red in Aidan's room. I also started my pottery class again last night. It was the first time that I went and had no ideas about what I wanted to do. Normally I feel like I am brimming over with inspiration, but the overwhelming tiredness that we are both suffering from at the hands of the kids is to blame I think. Anyway, I think I still had the last Twilight book in my head so I made a bowl from a mold and decorated it as a dog (wolf) in a forest. I think I might give it to Carmella when it's ready.

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