Wednesday, 27 April 2011

4 go on a German (& slightly Czech) adventure.

Cheb in the Czech Republic

A teency piece of loveliness from Regensburg

Frankfurt in Legoland Deutschland. I quite fancy going to Frankfurt now!

Orla channelling her mothers taste in sunglasses as they ride the Augsburg rhinos

Bamburg, it's all beautiful

What a lovely holiday. It was remarkably drama free - if you don't count the fact that we hadn't read the mail from the Commerzbank that told us that we would neither be able to get money out of any cash machine or use our cards for in store transactions for any of the days we were away. 4 days? That's a bit much, isn't it? Anyway, thankfully we both had our British cards with us.

But that aside, the children were rather good, not nearly as horrid as they could be when faced with endless journeys in the car, and we saw some really beautiful places.

We'd been really keen to see Regensburg as we'd heard it was lovely, and I think we'd like to go back there and spend more time. We also spent a morning in Augsburg, before heading off to Bamburg which was really, really pretty.

But best of all we went to Legoland Deutschland which the kids utterly loved. It wasn't too far from Munich where we spent a day and a half, and we all had just loads of fun. This trip has made us really keen to see more of Germany...


  1. Oh goodie I was waiting to hear about your bank holiday travel bonanza. I am really quite jealous, I'd love to see more of Germany and these places sound (and look) lovely. Actually I've been to Bamburg, come to think of it, where I tried a beer that tasted like Frazzles. Also, Orla and Hamish look EXTREMELY CUTE on their rhinos.

  2. Oh, I wish I'd known in advance. I miss Frazzles ;-)

  3. I am so glad I am out of town at the moment and had no chance to meet you while you were in Regensburg — I'd be very disappointed if I'd been at home there and found out later I'd missed you!

  4. It was a little fraught, our time in Regensburg. That was where we discovered we had no money, and we ended up with only a fleeting visit. But Cliff, I will be back, and next time we'll drop by and say hello.


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