Wednesday, 27 April 2011

My Friendly Friday Interview

Of course while I was away, exciting things were happening for me over at the lovely Frau Dietz's. I got to be the subject and interviewee this week for her 'Friendly Friday'. It was lovely to take part, and I feel very lucky to be asked!

If you want to have a read and maybe find out a little bit more about me then head over and have a peek....Click here! Now!. And if you leave some lovely comments about how utterly fascinating I am, and how you wish you could be me then I'll let you have that Lindt Chocolate Bunny we have in the larder.

You better have done it, or I won't be your friend anymore...


  1. I wish I had a Lindt chocolate bunny; I was given some kind of milk chocolate chick with a white chocolate helmet on. It got accidentally left in direct 25˚ sunlight and has completely melted apart from the helmet, which makes me not want to eat any of it, especially not the helmet.

    Thank you very much for coming over and BEING on my thingy, it was BRILLIANT and several people have told me it was the best Friendly Friday yet *high five*

  2. Hi, Fiona! I'm so glad that you did the interview with Frau Dietz--that's how I found your wonderful blog!

  3. *high five* right back at you! But I bet you say that to all the expats!! Should I not mention that this bunny went on holiday with us...spent quite a bit of time in our hot car, and is also white chocolate? Perhaps a helmet would have helped him.

  4. Thanks Jan! Looking forward to hearing more about your forthcoming adventures too!

  5. ...and I would like to thank Jan for (a) reading my blog and (b) introducing me to Lena - Liebe Meines Lebens.


  6. Aw man, I love how lovely we all are, but now I'm going to turn cold as ice and demand to know 'Who's Lena? And why isn't she my friend?' I might be able to entice her into being my friend with a well-travelled Lindt bunny.

    (Right I must really go and make Stevie a birthday cake to take to work)

  7. Oh... OH... you need to be introduced to her too. I found her on Jan's blog which, if I may be so bold as to link to the post... is here:

    ...and now I shall stop spamming your blog. Happy cake baking!

  8. Thank you, Frau Dietz for the comment on my blog and the group hug! ;) Fiona, for some reason I keep getting kicked off--I really am not stalking your blog every five minutes!!!


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