Thursday, 28 April 2011

sew... a needle pulling thread

My lovely sewing efforts

Kinkibox (sewing cafe) (photo courtesy of the Kinkibox Facebook page)

Frieda Hain (Fabric Shop) (photo courtesy of the Frieda Hain website)

Today was kind of exciting. I started a beginners sewing class with some friends. Despite having a degree in what essentially boils down to 'textiles' my abilities with a sewing machine are a little limited to say the least. In fact, I got a sewing machine from my parents for Christmas and still haven't taken it out the box. Worse than that, it wasn't even last Christmas, it was maybe the one before, or even the one before that.

The course takes place in a beautiful little sewing cafe (isn't that alone just a lovely idea?) in Friedrichshain, called Kinkibox. It's really pretty. Pretty enough for me to nab one of their photos just to show you.

We started off with just some straightforward sewing and then got stuck into the overlockers and then doing some different seams. My favourite and the thing I am Most Proud Of Today is my bias binding. Seriously, I know it may seem like nothing, but to me it is a work of art.

I had to leave early to get across the city to pick up the kids, so missed the news that we will be making bags and something for the kids and maybe even a dress. Eek. I am super excited. Especially as there are some really gorgeous material shops in Berlin. Look, I even stole another photo just to show you. This is Frieda Hain. It's not too far from the sewing class. I love this shop. And it's going to become my best friend. And I even intend getting my sewing machine out of the box and having a look at it.


  1. Love the idea of a sewing cafe. Just brilliant. So jealous of your sewing course. I started one when pregnant with Adam (because clearly I was going to have so much free time - shows how much I knew about having children) but haven't touch the machine since then.

  2. Yes, I feel quite optimistic that I will actually find some time to do some sewing. I am sure I have some free time on my own between 3 and 4 am.


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