Monday, 16 May 2011

How to tell your husband you don't want a party

We went to a house-warming party on Saturday night. It was a little strange. I think the 'hostess' hadn't wanted to have a party. Things that gave it away:
  1. She was in a foul mood. To the point that when we got there and I was chatting with her I thought I must have really annoyed her the last time we met. But it wasn't just me. To her credit she managed to maintain her extreme sullen-ness for the entire party.
  2. Her opening welcome: "I hate this house".
  3. She gave us a house tour. We 'ooh-ed' and 'aah-ed' over the size, the cellar, the balconies, etc, etc, despite the fact that each room looked like a bomb had hit it. (Not that I am exactly winning prizes for my tidiness, but if I am throwing a party I probably wouldn't have my guests stepping over my dirty knickers, old opened mail, food, etc)
  4. It takes a lot for Orla to notice mess, but when we saw Orla after the tour she took my hand and said "Come with me, Mummy. Look: it's a tip!"
  5. She went to bed first. Even the six month old baby that was there stayed up longer.

Roll on the summer barbeque season.


  1. OOh she sounds a bundle of joy. I bet you spent hours there, revelling in all that fun.

  2. I am cracking up about her "opening line". Sounds like she really has German charm down

  3. Yes, I am looking forward to her birthday party, where presumably she'll make a brief, grumpy appearance. And she is German, so I guess she was born with the charm!

    Blogger is starting to annoy me. Why do I need to now be 'anonymous' when it's my blog!


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