Monday, 9 May 2011

Late last night I learned that:

  1. People like me should stay far, far away from the NHS Direct website. Apparently Berlin is not far away enough.

  2. Making the decision to surf around the NHS Direct website is not a good decision, if you are looking for something 'cheery' to take your mind off the fact that you've just seen someone shot through the jaw while watching Fargo before bed.

  3. When you are really tired it is quite possible to come away from such a website thinking you might actually be in danger of dying in the night from one of the 73 conditions you appear to have symptoms for.

  4. You should take care in choosing the book to read to take your mind off all the illnesses you might have. Books about people rotting behind the locked doors of council flats strangely enough don't help.

  5. I am better off watching Playhouse Disney all the time and only reading stories about Maisy.


  1. Fiona, I too can quickly convince myself that I am suffering from any of a million ailments that are readily found on the internet. This started when I would try translate things I didn't understand from my son's doctor visits. Just keep yourself away from Google. Seriously don't do it!!! And get yourself some good arty crafty magazines before bed so you have dreams of nice interiors instead of being chased by killer zombies!! Sheesh...


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