Thursday, 1 September 2011

Boys In Tights - the Spiderman sequel

I wouldn't put my face so close to that, Spiderman.
Hamish meditating on his spidey-senses - Ka-chow!

Spidey-senses at the ready! September is apon us. And you know what that signals in the minds of all my German friends? Yup, it's the beginning of the 2011 Boys In Tights season. I've written about this curious German phenomenon before and how as soon as there's a teeny change in the weather all the mothers put their little boys in tights. September is the month that this starts, and this year I am going to embrace this funny trend and join them (though maybe I'll wait until it is a little colder).

I've also written about the way shopping works over here. Once things are gone, they're gone, and god help you if you miss your chance to buy something vital and seasonal. I was in H&M (looking for PE shorts) and noticed that there were practically no boys tights left. I had previously noted that they had some nice teal and grey stripey ones, but on the website all you can see are the Cars ones. My sister thinks you can't get these in the UK, but they have them on the UK version of the site too.

Anyway, what I did find were practically the best boys tights money can buy. I got them! I got them! These are the very same tights for boys that I saw last year on a boy in Kita. The Spiderman tights with the face on the bum! Hamish was completely and utterly OVER THE MOON! Seriously. Aside from the face on the bum, they have Spiderman shooting his web on each leg and little Spiderman faces on the top of the foot. I nearly cried when I noticed that all they had left were 2 pairs both age 1-2, but I opened one out and even without stretching they were long enough to fit Hamish this year.

I figure they will do him under trousers when it's cold out, but not so cold that he needs his snowsuit on. Though Hamish really wants to show them off (and who can blame him) so may insist on wearing either just the tights or tights under shorts (I may have to draw the line there).


As a side note, a lot of people find my blog through Googling 'boys in tights'. I'm not sure if it's little boys in wooly tights that they're looking for or something a bit odder, perhaps in American Tan, but they sure do boost my daily stats up. Now be off with you, pervs! And don't darken this doorway again!! (.....Unless you're going to become a Follower.... in which case, come on in! Welcome!)


  1. After you last post about boys in tights, we rushed out to Tchibo to get the blue stripey set. My daughter (who happens to be very into blue) loves them!
    See girls wear tights here too :-)
    Oh, and we find the tights season to be slightly proceeded by the 'vest' season. It might be 24 degrees here today, but it is September, so half my daughters gym class were sweating away in a vest (underneath shorts and t-shirt of course).
    Tights will follow soon.

  2. Ha, ha, I forget about girls in tights because that's more 'normal'. Plus you can always get tights for girls, can't you??? If not, I better get shopping! I love the Tchibo ones too but Orla wouldn't entertain them. They also have some really nice coloured ones in H&M for girls at the moment - a lovely bright turquoise, a glorious sunny yellow but of course all she says she would wear are the bright pink ones... grr.

    So, vest season, eh? That must coincide with asparagus season. I must remember that for next year. I have probably enough vests to do until the end of October when we take a trip back to the UK.

    I will need to get Orla some really good waterproof gloves for playing in the snow. I don't suppose you have the date for that, do you? Same as the snowsuits maybe?

  3. Fiona, I love you!

  4. It seems to be a Northern/Eastern european phenomenon. The Polish kids at our school do it, too.

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  6. Where van you buy that Spider-Man Thights


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