Monday, 12 September 2011

Motherhood: the Grandma edition

Orla & Mamie share a joke about smocking. Orla at 10 weeks old. 

Orla has been saying for a couple of weeks that she'd like a baby. Not me having a baby, but one of her own. She has plans to have two: one girl (named Lucy of course, the same as her pillow, fluffy dog, ceramic dog, and countless dolls and toys), and one boy (named Ben). I told her that she might have two girls or two boys or the boy might come first before the 'Lucy-Baby'. 

Orla: "What do you mean 'just boys'?"
Me: "Well, look at Granny Margaret; she had Daddy, Uncle Craig, and Uncle James. No girls."
Orla: "Does she know that's a pity?"
Me: "I'm sure she thinks that most days (laughing inwardly)"
Orla: "Did you want a baby when you were my age?"
Me: "No. I'm pretty sure I wanted a dog."
Orla: (Incredulous) "Why didn't you want a baby?"
Me: "I just didn't. I think I preferred dogs."
Orla: "Didn't you know then that it would be nicer living with me than living with Mamie?"
Me: "....I guess not."

And now I'm left wondering if she would prefer living with a baby than living with me.....sniff. 4 years old and ready to move out. 


  1. My 6 year old would trade me in for a unicorn, and the 4 year old would leave in a heartbeat if Thomas The Tank Engine puffed up the street.

    I sometimes wonder where I have gone wrong, although it is reassuring to know it isn't just me....

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