Saturday, 10 September 2011

Mummy & the Bus Driver up a tree...

I am pretty sure the school bus driver fancies me.

Though he is a lot more (and I mean A LOT) than 10 years old, he is displaying all the classic signs of a youth in love.

The evidence:
Day 1. He made sure I noticed him by tapping his watch to show me it was 7:31am and not 7:30am. Petty, but hey-ho, I noticed him.

Day 2. He made rude faces at me as I discovered at the last second that Orla needed a wee-wee and had to race her off to the back garden before her hour long journey just as the bus was pulling up to collect her.

Day 3. He very nearly smacked me in the face with the door as I attempted to just say 'bye' to Orla. 4

Day 4. He arrived before 7:30am, didn't even slow down to stop, and drove off without picking up Orla. When Orla and Stevie went downstairs for 7:30am and waited 5 minutes, the lady who runs the cafe next door told him the bus had been and hadn't stopped. Well, that's one way to get me to call. I called and was told to wait on a call back to tell me what was happening. He didn't call. I called back 3 times and there was no answer. I left messages. I pleaded with him to call me back. He didn't call. Stevie called from a different number. He answered. How pathetic is that? Later he told the school that there were no lights on in our apartment, so he just went. He doesn't know which apartment is ours. ...unless he's been watching from his tree house.

Day 5. He played it cool.

Next week I bet he gives me a dead arm.


  1. This driver needs a wedgie! (Which is when somebody sneaks up and yanks somebody's undies up forcefully, wedging them *ehem. You know where.*)

  2. Good advice TJ. I can see myself having to do that as I foster this relationship over the next year. If I had any other way of getting her to the school I think I would jump at it.

    Hope you guys are getting closer to being settled in the US. xx

  3. When we used a bus, I also had a tumultuous first week or two,when I discovered that the time as shown by the German gov't was not always the same as bus time. It did work out, but within 4 months we had determined that the cost of financing and insuring a used car was less than paying for a bus for the two girls and the time saved (for them) was also invaluable. We are very happy with our car now and occasionally find it useful for other things (such as massive shopping at far cheaper grossmarkts and local torism)

  4. Maybe if Hamish was going too it would work out cheaper to get a car, but not yet. The journey time is appalling though! I'm hoping that we'll be able to sort things out because I am not looking forward to a year of this.

    Stevie is going to go down and synchronise watches with the guy tomorrow... can't wait to see how that works out.


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