Tuesday, 6 December 2011

2011: The year I wanted to lick my son.

Farewell to longish lie-ins on Christmas.
I was woken at 5am by someone shouting "I need the front door open!"
For it is Nikolaus, the 6th of December, fill your boots with chocolate, don't confuse him with Santa, time.

Marek? Who is Marek??? Who cares. You had me at "hello".
I believe in Nikolaus. Mostly because this year he seemed to have been thinking of me too. The kids put their boots out just before they went to bed, and just before I went to bed I handily remembered that I had forgotten to fill them. That would have been a bummer for the early risers this morning. I would have had to have said that patently their behaviour hadn't been deemed good enough this year and empty boots meant that they were in for a darn good spanking. However, when I opened the door last night to my delight, the boots had already been filled! With Lindt Santas. And not just that. But 'Marek' above was sitting on the doormat. In true Cinderella style, I know Marek was left for me, because he fits in my boot. And as for all this sharing nonsense the kids are coming away with, well, it's funny how I only hear that word when they're not the ones skipping in circles up and down the hall, cradling their Santa-shaped-built-for-diabetics-who'll-happily-take-another-zillion-units-of-insulin-just-to-cover-this-breakfast. Uh-huh, you want to share? You can have the ribbon at the top. 

Orla, who seems to have inherited Stevie's self-control has gone off to school with a small chocolate hippo (that would have been from me obviously - totally off-theme) which she's keeping until lunchtime. Hamish on the other hand, sat in a huff because he wanted to eat all the chocolate for breakfast and was being forced to eat at-least-some-toast before being let loose on a Lindt Santa. I don't know who he takes after to be honest. Must be some distant relation on Stevie's side...

There goes at least 50 cents worth down the drain.

And I can honestly say, this is the first time ever that I have thought "I'd quite like to lick your hands clean" and had to steel myself to say "Let's get you to the bathroom without touching ANYTHING on the way".

'The Local' gives the lowdown on Nikolaus (http://www.thelocal.de/society/20111206-15915.html)


  1. Toast? Come on, mum! *g* Who wants to eat toast when there is plenty of chocolate available to you? I can totally understand your son, I would also have opted for the undiluded sugar.

    And just as an anecdote for you to have a fine day - I had one hour less of sleep, because someone cried in the attic: "Jaaaaa! Der Stiefel ist voll!" *sigh* Of course it was even if I was sorely tempted to call for Knecht Ruprecht this year.

    That said, enjoy the upcoming days towards the insanity called christmas ;)

  2. Thankyou! I love the name Knecht Ruprecht...almost tempting to have a third child.

    I have to say I really love all the different festivities/traditions in Germany compared to the UK. If we go back to the UK in June then I will definitely be taking some home with me. And while I won't be able to recreate Fasching on my own, Nikolaus is one that we can and I also love the way the new starters at school celebrate and get their Schultüte.

    And as for Christmas, I shall enjoy it, but totally not ready for it! Have a nice Christmas too.

  3. I don't understand why you'd buy chocolate to fill the boots with when Nikolaus does it?


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