Saturday, 17 December 2011

Let's hope Santa is real

Last year I was in a panic because I felt like I had left all my Christmas shopping until way too late, and the way things were looking it appeared I only had about 3 shopping minutes until Christmas, and that was going to have to be done in the airport. Toblerone, anyone?

But that was November. November! What I wouldn't give for November and all it's juicy shopping days now. But here we are, beyond mid-December, less than a full week until we fly back to the UK, and I am so behind schedule that even if there was a schedule, I might as well crumple it up into a ball and eat it.

It's hard to believe I am in a worse-organised situation than I was last year, but there you go. It's hard to emulate those people who announce on Facebook that they have completed all their Christmas shopping, have it all wrapped, cards written, and are sitting with their feet up drinking wine, and spraying the internet with their smugness at the beginning of November, when all I can do is feel sharp, stabby, feelings of hatred curdled with jealousy towards them. It's just not me either. How can you feel festive in December if you don't have the joys of frantic impulse shopping,very late night present wrapping, and glorious panic, if you have nothing left to do in December.

If only I had known that we would have had weeks of children (ok, child, but one is enough) with bronchitis and pneumonia, followed by visitors, followed by adult illness, horrid events, more visitors, more illness combined with a complete inability to actually undertake any task beyond trying not to appear to my guests like I might just drop to the ground... and there you have have it. A month where it might have been nice to not have to do anything.

Normally the internet is my friend. He saves my present-buying bacon time and time again. But I seem to be lacking the patience to trawl and price check and go back to other sites and blah, blah, blah. I have a pile of presents for my nieces sitting in a corner of the dining room that I should have posted at least last week. But I still need to find a box the right size and that seems like a task requiring too much energy and brain-time.

So, I am reaching a place where nausea and tiredness are taking over and strangely giving me an inner calm. I can hear them chanting "None of this really matters. Put the internet down, give the children all the Christmas chocolate you have gathered, and go and lie down in the bed beside the man with the raging temperature. And sleep.".


  1. Oh poor you, that's utterly, utterly rubbish :( Wishes of immediate good health, no more horrid things happening and unbridled Amazon joy coming north to you.

    p.s. I haven't done my Christmas shopping yet either. Obviously.

  2. Don't panic.
    Santa will come through.
    Or failing that we are huge fans of gift certificates in this house......

  3. Still feeling weak in the legs and sick, and now Orla is on holiday I have my evenings to shop. Oh yay! Oh yay! (That was a passing town crier). Does anyone have one of those beds that you can drive like a car that students have for rag week?

  4. Oh no! Here's hoping you get better soon. Sounds like horrendous timing to be sick. Not that there is ever an awesome time to be sick or anything.

    We don't really do much of present exchanging around here, but my mom knit us stockings so I thought about getting some small stuff to put in those yesterday. But I was so overwhelmed and turned off by the crowds out and about that I simply fled. So if Santa comes by your place send him my way after...

  5. I went out and bought some stuff in a shop that was relatively quiet! And I remembered the second hand toys I bought at the beginning of November. Hamish wants more than anything on the planet a Playmobil Fire Engine, and I had managed to get it second hand for a complete bargain price. So I am happy. And he'll be over the moon.

    I just want to feel better before we fly back and start feeling truly tired!


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