Tuesday, 4 September 2012

School begins. Bye, bye, baby!

5 years doesn't take long does it?

In fact, forgive me (especially any of you who might be child-free) for a moment while I do that thing like old people who go on about how once you get old the years just fly by. I feel old today. Hamish has gone off to school, and that's both my babies all grown-up---ish and at school, and it seems so fast and like it was only yesterday I was mopping the sick from my hair, shoulders, back, sofa, cushions, floor that my lovely refluxey babies produced endlessly as a sign of their love for me, and now look:

Stevie laughed at his little black socks and his little 'suit-like' trousers, just like daddy - though Daddy would turn up his nose at an outfit with such a high polyester percentage!

For Orla it was a thoroughly exciting day, as she got to show off her wee brother and feel more grown up now she's in year 1, and also she had her Schultute ceremony. I had assumed that it would be first thing in the morning as parents were expected to present the Schultute, but as I gave up on plowing through my emails from my week away, I missed the email which told me that it was going to be at lunch time. Which was a bit of a bugger as I can't get to the school at that time and Stevie couldn't take time off work. So there's my first parental fail of the academic year!

The photo therefore comes courtesy of one of the other mums.


  1. What a beautiful Schultuete! I've added your post as a link at the end of my own Schultuete post :-)

    1. Aw, thanks, that's kind of you. I'll head over and take a look! x

  2. That picture of the two of them is a framer. What complete cuties! And what reminisce "...mopping the sick from my hair, shoulders, back, sofa, cushions, floor...". Made me laugh.

  3. Ah, yes, those halcyon days! I can look back on it fondly now, but at the time I had a sore shoulder from it constantly being soaked in sick. In fact I'm not entirely sure it has ever recovered.


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