Monday, 17 September 2012

The Botanic Gardens

All of a sudden, it feels like the race is on! We spent some time on the phone last night to friends who lived out here in Berlin when we first arrived. They left around Christmas of our first year here and went back to the UK, and we really missed having them around here once they'd gone. Last night not only reminded us of how much fun we'll have catching up with friends once we're back, but also acted as a reminder of all the things we want to see/do/eat/experience here before we go. I must make a list!

In fact, one of the things which I have always meant to do since coming here is visit the Botanic Gardens in Steglitz. And as it happens, yesterday we did just that. So what can I say?

Well, the overriding feeling I got was that it was totally wasted on me. I wish I had more of an interest in plants and knew more about them, because I reckon there were a lot of things that would have been really impressive. I may well have barely given such things a momentary glance. But, despite this, we all had a nice time. I 'packaged' this trip as a 'conker hunt' to the kids. Otherwise there would have been endless moans from both of them at the prospect. To their joy we found one big conker. Just one. But it was the biggest one we've ever found. 

And they weren't too disappointed by the other things they saw. The banana tree/plant (I know!) blew their socks off, especially as they wanted to ask for a leaf from it to take to show and tell until they realised they'd struggle to get it on to the bus it was so huge. The stepping stones were also a massive hit, especially with the added thrill of potentially falling into the water where the fish were. 

All in all, despite our lack of knowledge, we had a really nice time, just wandering round, gazing at pretty things. I'm glad we went, and maybe one day I'll have a bit more botanical knowledge to appreciate it more. Doubt it, but you never know.


  1. If your kids are so in to conkers, you guys need to come to Richardplatz next weekend with Milo and I to collect them. There are LOADS of conker trees there and also a good playground nearby!

    1. We have already 'conkered' our local trees - and I have about a carrier bags worth in the house, so not sure I need any more. Anyway, next weekend there's some kite-flying thing at Tempelhof I think. At least I think that's what a woman said to me last night - not entirely sure as I hadn't remastered my brain for a conversation about that subject when it was launched on me.

    2. Oh... so...yeah...the point was, I used 'conker chat' to entice them into the place. I lie a lot to the kids. It's the predominant feature of my parenting technique!

  2. A great set of photos Fiona. The kids look happy enough so I don't think it matters how you managed to get them there. The banana plants reminded me of working on a banana farm in Australia years ago. A necessary evil in order to pay for travel that involved using green scouring pads in the shower to get the sap off!


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