Thursday, 6 May 2010

Hamish and the Elephants

Ta-da! I finished a little picture for Hamish last night. I was in the mood for trying out something different and thought I might as well do something for his room. I did a nice sketch of this and I think I probably prefer the sketch: it seems to have more life about it, but I still quite like this.

I think the trouble with it is that it was only getting about half my concentration as I was learning German at the same time. Something's got to give, and usually it's the German that i don't take in, but I am trying to catch up with Stevie who's been at it every evening.

He's managed to sook me back into it again through the medium of his bad pronounciation. All of a sudden it's as if the more he learns, the worse his pronounciation of the early words he learned is. This is probably a reflection of just how thrilling our lives are at the moment but for the past two nights we've had massive debates on the correct pronounciation of "zu". I could wring his neck if he calls me over to listen 3mm from the laptop one more time. He just can't hear it right, but thinks he can. (And that girl from Brooklyn with the bad German ain't helping).

I look forward to saying goodbye to Michel Thomas...and then, ha, ha, hello intensive German lessons!


  1. Lovely picture! That's so special - doing your own. And as for learning German - I'm very impressed. That's a tiring to do all on its own.

  2. Stunning work, Fiona! Love those elephants! Good luck with the German, too. Wish I could speak a language - but the best way has to be going and living in the place, and I don't think we're quite up to the move - just yet, anyway.


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