Friday, 14 May 2010

Not that great that you need to steal it

Have you looked at the photos? After reading a few blog posts which mentioned Google Stats and the strange search terms that have led people to various blogs I thought I'd look into it.And then I googled my own blog and found this scoundrel!

A strange post to decide to copy I think. I am intrigued by the translation into another language and obviously back into English. But I am really shocked that they have even posted the picture of Hamish. It's just all a bit odd. What is the point in this? What's the purpose?

I left a message and a complaint.

The original post


  1. How very, very weird. Is this person just going around stealing other peoples blog posts and passing them off as their own? Strange and unbelieveably wrong. Grr indeed.

  2. That is more than freaky - you are right to be angry!

  3. That is not right - let us know what kind of response you get..

  4. So this is the response I got...


    We can only suspend or shutdown a blog if we receive a formal legal requirement against that blog. We cannot shut it down based on opinions about the blog's content.

    We're sorry, but if you want to take legal action against the blog, please feel free to do it, and send us the corresponding notification and we will shut it down immediately.

    Best regards,

    Ana Moreira Support Team

    Great, eh? What a big crummy cop out! No responsibility! I don't think I'll bother spending money taking legal action.


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