Tuesday, 11 May 2010

too much time

Having too much time on my hands is not something that I struggle with very often. But Day 2 in the Scarlet Fever house and I'm bored of everything. I even turned to housework yesterday, which is just not like me. It must have sparked a thought in my subconcious that I must be coming down with something, for today in the little moments between seeing to Orla and prising Hamish off the back of the sofa, I started thinking about whether or not I might be suffering from a brain tumour.

I then:
1. Mulled over whether I could wait till my eye client appointment and ask if they could see any inflammation which might suggest a tumour.
2. Allowed myself to check out the symptoms on NHS Direct.
3. Unsatisfied with their vagueness, looked on a juicier, less reliable site.
4. Discovered I didn't have a brain tumour.
5. Remembered that I'd had my blood pressure medication changed and checked out the common side effects.
6. Bingo!

I did say I might go a bit mental being stuck in the house, but I didn't expect it to happen quite so quickly. So, we went for a drive. And I feel much better!

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  1. Hi Fiona, nice to meet you. That's the worst thing you can do hun....seach the web! But I am pleased that on this occasion it has put your mind at rest Sue x


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