Monday, 10 May 2010

scarlet fever/cabin fever

Watch out for the symptoms of madness coming through this blog this week. Orla picked up scarlet fever from nursery on Thursday (these free nursery places for 3 year olds are a double-edged sword I tell ye!) and we've had a lovely weekend of vomit and feeling awful. It's not often that Orla is properly ill but this is the kind of thing that has her lying on the sofa and wailing "I just not feeling very well".

My trip to the out-of-hours GP on Sunday morning was extremely fruitful. We came back empty handed as Orla still hadn't got the rash, but every other symptom, and that's not enough for them to give her the antibiotic. So back home we went with 'suspected scarlet fever' to find in the 35 minutes we'd been away the shed had been broken into and Stevie's bike pinched.

The rotters! They left mine! It seems the robbers of today are a walking version of 'GoCompare' and can tell at a glance that my bike is worth about half of Stevie's despite the fact that mine is in sparkling, barely-used condition compared to his mud-splattered used-every-day one. We phoned the police so we could get a crime number for the insurance as Stevie needs to replace his bike for work as soon as possible. I didn't expect the police to come round for about 2 weeks, but seems Sunday morning is a slow time for crime in Derby and they came round just 20 minutes later.

Today Stevie is off to work on my bike and I took Orla round to our GP with a nice bowl to be sick in. Don't they do home visits anymore? I could feel the stares as people looked at the poor child being dragged to the doctor carrying a sick bowl, and I had to ask one woman to keep her baby away from us which was nice. I felt like the kind of irresponsible parent that sends her child to nursery with scarlet fever (not that I'm annoyed, or anything!).

So we are house-bound for at least a few days until the antibiotic kicks in, and already I have cabin fever. Please post survival kits to us. Oh and dinner too, because I haven't got anything in for tonight. And I promise we won't breathe on you...

(especially if you nick my bike as you leave)

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  1. Ugh. Not sure which is worse - the puke or the enforced stay at home bit. Keep your fingers crossed the weather is nice enough for you to sit outside in the bracing fresh air!


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