Wednesday, 7 April 2010

bad haircut day

The ball-shaped blow-dry had died down by this stage, and at this point it just looks like a rubbish hair cut.

I don't know if it's my hair I don't like, or whether I have gone off my face. But I am not too happy. I am pretty dreadful at getting my hair cut on a regular basis, and always feel incredibly uneasy when they ask "When did you last get it cut?". Squirm, squirm, shuffle in my seat. Let me think, possibly 6 months ago?? Eek! When I do get it cut I seem to pay an extortionate sum for a cut and highlights so I figure it balances out and saves me having to find a cheaper hairdresser that I like as much.

What I like about my hairdresser is that she is brave enough to do what I ask her to. Today I had no fixed ideas apart from getting rid of my massively long fringe that I've had to start wearing a clasp to keep from blinding me and it served to give me a kind of hideous 'year book' look. Oh and I needed my colour sorted out. Stevie said my hair was the colour 'a middle aged woman would dye hers'. Full of compliments, so he is. But it's bad if he's having to say that.

So my hairdresser gives me a hair magazine and I find a picture I like. Unfortunately the picture is of Erin O'Conner. A look that I am not going to be able to recreate unfortunately, but I am sure my fine, straight hair could be persuaded into some kind of resemblance to hers. So that's what I ask for. What I get is more along the lines of Myra Hindley. Or a motorcycle helmet. A nicely highlighted motorcycle helmet, but still. Why do they dry it into a ball shape? Of course I said it was just what I wanted and that I loved it, but inside, well I wouldn't say I was crying. I was kind of sniggering at my own stupidity and laughing at what a mistake I'd made. Oh dear.

Oh and of course I kept the long blinding fringe, but I think the colour is different.


  1. I think it looks great! You have the right face shape to be able to pull it off, looks really cute on you. My worst haircut was at the age of 15, when perms were all the rage - I ended up looking like some mullety poodle.

  2. What I will never understand is why, when they do a rubbish haircut (my mullet, when I'd asked for long layers, springs to mind) we all sit there and go "yes, it's lovely, it's exactly what I wanted, here's a squillion pounds, oh, and a tip". When what we're really thinking is "what have you done to my hair bitch???"

    ps I like yours though

  3. I think it's because we were all brought up to be such nice, well-mannered girls!. Mind you I have in the past gone back with haircuts that have been badly cut, and got them to finish it properly, and highlights that you could only see with the aid of a colour spectrometer. I think that's only right. But it's hard to say 'God, I hate it!' When you are the person that's asked for it. I would have looked like a bit of a silly Myra Hindley.


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