Saturday, 16 July 2011

Potsdam & the Sansoucci Palace (fleetingly)

Orla is laughing because Hamish has a little ice cream on his face. He's so daft!

We went a little trip to Potsdam today. The last time we went it was minus something degrees and our visit to the Sansoucci Palace was fleeting to say the least. Today though was as hot as a little pancake. Hot enough to burn your bum on the saddle of your bike, if you were as unfortunate as me to be on your bike with a persistent moaning child on the back.

Still it was lovely, all green and floral and colourful and tomato-ey. They appear to be growing tomatoes in the borders along with all the flowers. That was a nice touch, and it kept the kids amused for minutes. There were lovely large fountains, one with a kazillion coy carp (really!) swimming in it. And there were some of the rudest statues you have ever seen. Let's put it this way, never before could I have imagined seeing Stevie standing gazing at a marble statue for anything longer than a millisecond.

Nothing at all like the last time we went. It was minus 5 I think. The trees were bare, the statues had all been encased in protective wooden boxes to save them from the bum-clenching cold, and the fountains, turned off, were frozen over, with only a couple of forlorn swans kicking about on the ice. The buildings of course were still lovely. The only other thing that remained constant from that visit to this was the quiet whinging that seems to appear every time we are in the vicinity of something cultural.

So, while not quite as brief a visit as last time, it was still quite brief. If only they had taken the trouble to preserve a historic spielplatz within the manicured grounds. The only thing that kept Hamish going was that I told him that the main walkway did indeed lead directly to an ice cream shop. And with all fingers crossed, thankfully it led at least to a gift shop selling Cornettos and Magnums in amongst the 'I should have been King' bibs and tea towels.

I would love to actually go inside one of the buildings and have a look round and a little ooh and ah over things, but I doubt that that is going to happen while the kids are still young. Especially while Hamish is still getting to grips with the whole potty training thing. I wonder how many people can lay claim to having a sneaky pee against a palace? It's worth going just for that alone I'd say.


  1. That looks like fun! That is one place that I wish I would've visited when I was in Berlin.

  2. Yes, me too. Ha, ha! Every time we go we feel like we don't really get to see very much of it.


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