Sunday, 17 July 2011

Sunday Karaoke in Mauerpark

The view of the Fernsehturm from Mauerpark.

Part of the Berlin Wall. And hipsters casually lazing around on the former deathstrip.

Karaoke in Mauerpark.

I'm starting to realise that there's still so much that we haven't seen or done in Berlin, and it's almost sending me into panic mode. This morning we mulled over whether to go to Leipzig, Lübbenau, or stay closer to home. In the end we decided to take a little trip just across the city to Prenzlauerberg to Mauerpark. We'd heard good things about it, but just had never gotten round to going. Mauerpark takes up an area of land that was once part of the death strip between the two walls. One part of the wall still remains separating the park from the Max Schmeling Halle (where previously we went to see the Harlem Globetrotters). There's a large market there with people selling food and jewelry and lots of lovely crafted goods.

But the thing I enjoyed most of all was the karaoke. It was very popular as you can see. Most of the singers were terrific and you could easily spend a nice afternoon sitting back and enjoying it with the kids and a few beers... and maybe a barbeque.

I am so glad we went. We'll definitely go back again. It was like open air Britain's Got Talent (or rather 'Das Supertalent' as we have here). Anyway, if you want to see more you can look at the 'Friends of Mauerpark' website, and the Facebook page. And now I am off to write a list of other places in Berlin I need to go to, starting with Schloss Charlottenburg, and possibly ending with that climbing centre I saw on the way back (seriously, check out those photos - does that not look amazing? There are cars hanging 40 ft up!)

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