Thursday, 14 July 2011

Rügen is lovely!

All the buildings were this pretty. It was lovely seeing a whole town like this. All white with lovely carved wooden fretwork. Very sea-sidey!

I loved this. It's like little beetroot, isn't it? After having to wait while I photographed every house, shop, casino, I think Stevie had had his fill of the fretwork.

But there was plenty more to see. Here's the Berlin Junior Ornathology Club checking out the sea birds and seeing what's what around the beach...

Ah....that's enough of the binoculars now. Take them off kids.NOW!

Hello, hello!

We went to Rügen at the weekend. We've been waiting to visit it after a few of our neighbours and Stevie's work colleagues recommended it. But we've either been too busy or the weather hasn't been great. Mostly too busy. Rügen is Germany's largest island. It's way up there on the top right hand side, near the Czech Republic and on the Baltic coast. It's a popular German tourist resort,and everyone from Einstein to Hitler has holidayed there. So you know, if it's good enough for Hitler Einstein, then it's good enough for us. You can reach it by road by going over the mile long (I think) bridge from Stralsund (which sticks in my mind, because I can't help thinking I might have bought it in IKEA).

Anyway, it's lovely. We only went for the day, which given the quite long drive, wasn't nearly long enough. We decided to go to Binz, which is probably the main tourist destination. I loved the architecture. I swear, you just can't sicken me with too much wooden fretwork. I came back wanting to paint our house in Derby white.

We had a lovely afternoon on the beach, and then a lovely little wander round the streets, then a beautiful little meltdown over ice-cream. It never feels like a proper family holiday unless at least one person is standing on their own in a mighty huff in a corner. Ah...bliss. And really, it was.

So lovely in fact that we plan on going back for a long weekend towards the end of August. I really want to see Prora, Hitler's holiday camp - built to house 20,000 holiday makers at a time, under the premise that every worker deserved a seaside holiday; and a few of the smaller places like Putbus and Kap Arkona. Next time I am going to try and fit one of those little beach cabins into the boot of the car.


  1. This place looks gorgeous, ultra seasidey. I do feel very much stuck right in the middle of a lot of land down here, it's a bit claustrophobic. I REALLY REALLY REALLY WANT TO GO TO THE BEACH. 2 months to go, 2 months to go, 2 months to go.

    ps I love the Berlin Junior Ornathology Club. And the bag they keep their equipment in.

  2. The Berlin Junior Ornathology Club thanks you for your kind comments. They too love the beach. Where are you off to? We're going to go to Bodensee for our summer break. Will the Berlin Junior Ornathology Club be able to spot you there through their binoculars??

  3. Rügen is on my list of places to visit, I shall be wary of where I place my eyes on the beach though... but the architecture sounds right up my street! (excuse the pun) I might suggest a girly holiday with my Mum as she has been going on about it since she saw Julia Bradbury wander around there for her TV show.

    We went to Bodensee for our holiday last year and it was lovely, we stayed mainly around Friedrickshafen area, plenty of fun things to do. I wish I was going back, hope you have a great time :)

  4. If you have any top tips for places to visit, places to eat, places where only adults can visit while the children are tethered to a tree, then please let me know. I'm really excited about this forthcoming holiday. And yes, I think you would love Rügen; it seems to have a lot of beautiful things and loads to see and do.

  5. We are off to Crete, I never thought of going there before but wife is terribly enthusiastic and now I've looked at a guide book I am hopping with excitement. We went to Konstanz a few weeks ago and it was gorgeous, am going to write a post about it soon but will send you some recommendations (which reminds me, sorry for not writing back to your email yet, I have been all over the place this week, disaster). Will the Berlin Junior Ornathology Club be stopping in Wiesbaden on its way down? *cough*

  6. Well, our plan is to go down the east side taking in Legoland and Playmobil land on the way. Then up the centre or west on the way back. Our trip coincides with 'National rooting through strangers knicker drawers' week, so I'm sure they'd love to come. I'll email you with our dates and see if we can sort something out.

  7. I found Mini Mundis ( amusingly awesome although it was the hottest day of the year, about 40 degrees, youch. The Zepplin Museum in Friedrickshafen was really interesting but not sure how the little ones would feel, I know there were some bits to pull and press and do things too but, hrmmmm... We did visit the Sea Life centre in Konstanz and see some Penguins poo while swimming in a relatively small tank, which is probably more up kids street =P

  8. Oh WOW!!! I went on the website and saw the photos of Dree Hemingway (granddaughter of Ernest - why are author's granddaughters always models?) and I was already visualising some great blog photos featuring me doing the same when I read that you're not allowed to. Well, where's the fun in that? Guess, I'll just have to make do with the penguins pooing, who doesn't enjoy that?


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